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Keep up the good work. But try to get Mountain or Guerrero back on the team. Reissue a Hawk board. And start silk screening again. Other than that, THE BEST SKATEBOARD COMPANY OF
ALL TIME! Glad Mike V and VCJ are back.

— Animal Chin

So Stoked on all the new products that have been coming out! Can't wait to get my new VCJ Hoffart deck and SHRED!
I wish Powell Peralta would release stickers and tees(old school brigade style) for the newer team riders; That would be so sick!

— James “Cheek”

Just want to say thanks for the great products you guys provide. My 9 year old daughter constantly gets super positive feedback on the Powell Peralta skateboard she owns.

She loves to ride it, it is perfect in size. She owns the old school smaller model with skull and sword. She told me if it ever breaks she wants the other model the Steve Cab one.

I want to thank everyone involved in the company from top to bottom for providing these awesome products.

Thank you, you guys rule!

— Bart Van Mulders, Pie

Dear powell peralta,
Im 18 years old and maybe one of The youngest old school kids that are in The sport. I have to say that p&p is The best brand for skateboarding. Best quality always. The new school is good, but there is nothin like grabin my mike V elephant and hit some bowls and some downhill streets like my older Brother thaught me. Just making those tricks I feel like I have a whole legacy in my feet. Keep makin this awesome decks that brings lessons for us,The new generation, that how The skateboarding really is. Long life to The Brigade.

— David “Crispy” Revilla

for the love of god please make josh hawkins pro . ive been waiting for him to go pro basiclly since i started skating,and after seeing his happy medium 2 part..........i think its time.

— clyde

i like powell !!!
the bast skate board !!!!
brazilian skaters

— emerson “emerson” castro, Particular

I was wondering why you have never made a Tommy Guerrero reissue. When i was a child I had one that was pink with clear grip tape independent trucks and slime ball wheels, those boards were so cool, wish i still had my board. Just thought it would be cool to see a reissue plus my son thinks it would be cool to have one. Thank you for your time, C.G.


I'm hopeful this message will reach its intended recipients.I just wanted to convey to Stacy and Craig that you guys did an incredible job on the Dogtown documentary.Was long overdue, to chronicle what you guys and girl did for the sport..and how it was done..perfection!! I watch it every single time its on and have it on DVD..never gets old..thank you for sharing those memories with all of us who hold it sacred. Best to you and yours.. thank you!

— Jeff Wright

Good to see Mr. Powell and Mr. Peralta team up again to bring us skateboards with a history. Powell and Peralta is pure nostalgia for me.
I used to have a big collection of boards by P&P and Powell. Most of it I gave away, but the brand still means a lot to me. Keep contributing on good memories for future skaters.

— Cliff “anfieldboy”

Hey guys awhile back I got a set of 92a rat bones and they were great. Now I have a set of 90a rat bones, I think these slide better, and I have more skill. Lovin' these wheels!! Please never stop making them!! Please and thank you =D

— Fernando Llamas, Burque Bombers

I'm active duty military currently deployed. I've been serving over 19 years. As a kid I had a Mike McGill board that I rode everyday. As I got older, I stopped skateboarding for about 15 years. I was stoked when the old boards came back and I bought the Ripper deck with Rat Bone wheels and Indy trucks...its awesome...just like Powell/Peralta boards were back in the 80s. Thanks for bringing them back...BONES BRIGADE!!!

— Steven Inman

Powell-Peralta has been one of the first companies I've heard of growing up and I've been a fan of the team for a while.

— Anferney “AJ ” Preston

I cant wait for your summer decks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Trenton

Hello Powell Peralta And Other Bones Brigade Members:I Might Be The Youngest Old Schooler Here Ive Been Riding A "Caballero Full Chinese Dragon" Re Issue For Half A Year.Ever Since I Saw Powell Peralta:Search For Animal Chin Ive Learned How To Powerslide The Streets Hills And Railslide.I Could Never Kickflip I Always Thought New School Skateboards Were Horrible And The Skate Videos Had No Style.
Thanks,Powell Peralta For Your Thrashin Decks And Wheels,And Thanks To My Cousin Bernard For Getting Me Into Old School

— Marc “Eazy” Escandor

When I saw a McGill re-issue deck four years ago I started feeling something very difficult to describe. Memories popped instantly in my mind, old friends, the freedom and adrenaline you can only feel while riding a deck, in summary skating ..... Since then I couldn´t stop checking which is going to be the next "re-issue". So far I´ve got 8 decks (half of them complete), but I´m still waiting for a Hawk, a Guerrero, a late 80´s McGill or a late 80´s Mountain. I had stopped skating profesionally 17 years ago, but now it´s the time of my children. Thank you Powell for keeping this memories alive and give me the chance to show and share with my kids the best skateboards that have ever existed !!!!!

— Javier Fernandez

Best skateboards ever. Bring back the Hawk boards, especially the '89 Birdclaw deck. Awesome to see This happening. Such a huge part of my youth!

— Heath Coontz

Hey guys I just wanted to say I am 22 years old and I own almost all of your movies (some on VHS!!). I love watching the old stuff and I love that you guys have the new boards on here. My favorite scenes from all your movies has to be the end of Animal Chin when you gave Tony Hawk a lot of time on the video, that was awesome, I am not even a big Tony Hawk fan now but back in the 80s we all know he was good (not as good as Jeff Phillips though hate to admit). I will be building a couple of your decks here soon for me and a new addition to my crew, I normally skate Flip but these are off the wall decks you guys have on here. Thumbs up to Cab on his design and keep up the good work everyone. And Mike V nice demo shoot good to see you back in the demos.

— Rob , RF Technical

Dudes!! I'm lovin' the re-issues! Im going to get the cab street for sure. Im 28 now but when I was real little like 5-6 years old I skated my buddies 5 ft half pipe and tore it up.. really was pretty good for how little I was. Later on mid 90's started street skating and did until I was 19-20 when I had to get a job. But I just got a board agian, but shit hurts nowadays. So I'm getting into more bowls and half pipes again. So I want to go old School again. But the board I had when I was little was the 87' Tony Hawk and I haven't been able to find a re-issue of it? So PLEASE re-issue it!!! Sickest board ever!!! I got side tracked for a bit, but now I'm in search of chin again!

— Billy “Billy”

Put Mike V on Bones Wheels and would be the coolest thing ever.

— Travis

Dear Powell Peralta,

I am proud to say that you guys make the best boards I have ever skated. Im sure you recieve that alot but I do not think there are boards anywere as original and comfortable skatewise as yours. If every company made a board like yours, im sure that I would be a way better skilled boarder then I am now. Thank for the good times i now experiance every time I mob a hill, drop in to a pool and even when i hit the little rock on the sidewalk. Its all due to you guys!!!

— Jesse “Jess” Brown, Jay Zen Skate

Items 141-160 of 427

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Note: This page is for testimonials. For any other requests please use our contact form.