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I've been shreddin for over 25 years and riding Powell just about as long. All your products are and remain superior all the way down to your bones bushings. Thanks for stayin legit through all the good times and the bad that that the sport and the culture have had to endure.
Ryan DeWolf- Calgary Canada
Powell shredder 4 life

— Ryan

Ditched church on Sunday and decided to grab my 16 year old skater son and take him to Santa Barbara to see the Powell Store. Spent more than I should have but I had to purchase the McGill deck I rode as a kid, got him an original Cab, and ofcourse the T's and patches!!Had a great time, the crew was very helpful they even took some money off the top!!

— nahum

What can I say I rode powell all my skate life (started late 80's in Mexico City), my first board was Tony Hawk "Claws" and I used until it died, then (when I could get the money together)I got a skull and sword, the greatest board ever! and every time I bought a board Powell peralta was the one! I still have a nicky guerrero mask complete with gullwing trucks, cockroach wheels and swiss bearings displayed in my wall! I'm diying to see the new documentary, would it be on theaters? or just DVD release... Also I have another question, Can you please put in your website the boards (images) of the boards the riders have had during their cicle in PP... that woudl be soo cool! thanks for the memories and the broken bones...Un saludo!

— cuauhtemoc “el Niño” vazquez

What can I say that hasn't already been said, Powell & Peralta rule! I'm 40yrs old (still skating) from the UK (Essex) and grew up watching and copying the Bones Brigade.
I Have 2 Caballero "bats" decks. But I'd love a release of Hawk's deck & a Ripper in the bottle nose shape pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!

— Carl

Bones Brigade 4-Life! The only truth.

— Mauro Deo

Please re-issue the Hawk deck! And maybe some of Hawk's Tee's too!

— Carl

Ever think of converting "The Search for Animal Chin" to Blu Ray? Dude, that's so SIC....Great music, cinematography, and best of all, the Brigade.

— dallas

Web. I`ve been skating since little, now im 24 and im skating my self to the top in downhill and oldschool style, much as surf kind of riding my skate as much as a street warrior(im not afraid of cars or police and i got a deep sense of justice). its been a year since i got my first powell peralta, now i got 3 of them, the ray rodriguez(this one survived a car after being crashed by it, and still rolled de hell out of me), then i bought a rob roskopp santa cruz(this one is in guadalajara, other place i used to live), then the caballero(still rolling), and now im hitting my self with the mini ripper(all in the oldschool shape). Even thought i dont have much experience in verts, i do have a great deal in skating for fun, for art and even for my dearest love, because skating is not only about a sport, its about a style of life, a philosophy, a way of life! off the system. I really would like to have sort kind of connection with the team, and by that i mean the company. i may not be in any team, but im also A-TeamRider. When I ride my skate I fly and I fall, thats the fun, thats the art and thats the way I make love. Piss & Love.

— Luis “Sierrita” Sierra, PK skatepark La Paz BCSurf

Love the Hoffart Pegasus; Bring on the new Bartie Graphic!

— El Once

cant wait for the brigade autobiography, since following the bones brigade from the 80s and seeing them on tour in 1989 at romford skatepark essex (uk) and latimer road in london (uk) on the huge vert ramp they were great times now im 38 years old but the memories live on and i still have a few decks from way back then but not for skating just hung on the wall , the re issues that have been brought out have been great , but how long we gotta wait for a mullen chess and a guerrero dagger/flame , come on you guys at powell sort out us old school skaters from back in the day , with the decks we still crave even now !!!

— Sy “Kraken” Ayley

Is it ever possilbe to make the rat bones in a SPF, with the same shape? Food for thought. Or the mini cubics as a 60mm and SPF. I'm 53yrs. and I love those shapes. Thank you and have a bless it Christmas. Steve Guzman

— Steve “OG53” Guzman, Just an old sk8er

Stacy Peralta Old School Gladiator, Dogtown is the Source of everything we do today. Saludos a todos los Brigaders ♠

— Mauro “Perro Loco” Deo

One of the greatest moments of my life: My dad bought me a Frankie Hill "Bulldog" pro-model at "American Sports" in Hamburg in 1991.
I had such a great time with this board! in 1992 it was updated with blue Rat Bones II in 95a/60mm... i was a lucky guy!
One of my best friends in this day drove a Tommy Guerrero "Flaming Dagger/pointed nose".
That will be awesome if u bring back this deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U guys are great!

— Florian “Flow666” Spiecker

I just recieved my Flamming dagger Guerrero deck I won on ebay. I love it!!! I can't stop looking at it. I plan on getting new indy trucks with Street Bones wheels and all the powell gear, Nose bone and rib bones to finish it off. I first had one back in the day when I was 12. My wife went mental, I thought she was going to leave me. I paid $350 Aust dollars, which I thought was worth it.
I plan to go skating again with my 4 year old boy and teach him about the Bones Brigade. Thanks for the memories.

— Michael “Ollie” Olabarriaga

Hey Powell-Peralta, just wanted to drop by to show some love. I love the products and at the skateshop I work at, Powell-Peralta seems to be the most common and greatest discussion topic I have with my older customers either buying a board for themselves to get back into it or one for a new generation in the legacy. Although I'm only 18, I'm a huge fan and just wanted to say that I appreciate your existence and what you have for skateboarding. I have your shiny silver logo sticker on the back of my car so everyone knows what I'm about. I just had one request and that would be for you guys to make your decks come in a few different sizes because I ride 8.1-8.25 but I'm in love with some of the graphics for your 8.5 decks like the new school ripper and more. If only they were a little smaller, I'd get em in a heartbeat. Much love - Tom

— Tom “Atticus” Fry,

I just got my mini skull and sword skateboard in the mail. the quality is so high in this product, and the graphic is sick. from now on all I will buy is Powell-Peralta for my skating needs.

— James “Jimbo” Nelson


— Stefan

The Bones Brigade has always been a part of my life! My first board was a blue ripper with trackers and ratbones. Epic. It was stolen, but always rode Powell Peralta. Art work, quality (except for the XT decks!) was always the best! The day I found Animal Chin was the best day of my life. I must have watched that video over 10000 times. Thanks again for the memories, and look forward to the Bones Brigade Documentary.

— Jason Brauer

I ride a Powell Steve Steadham retro re-issue skateboard and I am the preeminent handstand specialist currently in the world. I appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman episode 15.148. Simply click on my name (Brad Hauser) to see my profile on IMDb. or google Brad Emehiser my prv. legal last name and then click on Brad Hauser IMDb. you can also see my on youtube under HANDSTAND MAN 01 (sorry some loser wrote hate speech in my comment section and I lost the passcode to that one). or just google Brad Hauser handstand man to see my photos by Gary L. Friedman of the I have worked with Ray Zimmerman of concrete disciples and I will be shooting all new mind blowing video in 3D in HB, LB, Venice and other cities and I will be shooting from my POV which is upside down at up to 25 to 30 mph. That is my concept and my intellectual property so please respect it.


— Brad “HandStand Man” Hauser,

Longshot but I wanted to let Stacy know that in his skate documentary my home is shown in Encino CA. I was blown away when I saw it and knowing some of the original greats skated MY pool is amazing! I would empty it if some of those people wanted to come skate it again after so many years! I think that would be pretty cool. Anyway...if you ever wanted to make that happen let me know and I am down.

PS - Brad Bowman was a high school friend of mine.

— Chris Bryer

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