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I just got my mini skull and sword skateboard in the mail. the quality is so high in this product, and the graphic is sick. from now on all I will buy is Powell-Peralta for my skating needs.

— James “Jimbo” Nelson


— Stefan

The Bones Brigade has always been a part of my life! My first board was a blue ripper with trackers and ratbones. Epic. It was stolen, but always rode Powell Peralta. Art work, quality (except for the XT decks!) was always the best! The day I found Animal Chin was the best day of my life. I must have watched that video over 10000 times. Thanks again for the memories, and look forward to the Bones Brigade Documentary.

— Jason Brauer

I ride a Powell Steve Steadham retro re-issue skateboard and I am the preeminent handstand specialist currently in the world. I appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman episode 15.148. Simply click on my name (Brad Hauser) to see my profile on IMDb. or google Brad Emehiser my prv. legal last name and then click on Brad Hauser IMDb. you can also see my on youtube under HANDSTAND MAN 01 (sorry some loser wrote hate speech in my comment section and I lost the passcode to that one). or just google Brad Hauser handstand man to see my photos by Gary L. Friedman of the I have worked with Ray Zimmerman of concrete disciples and I will be shooting all new mind blowing video in 3D in HB, LB, Venice and other cities and I will be shooting from my POV which is upside down at up to 25 to 30 mph. That is my concept and my intellectual property so please respect it.


— Brad “HandStand Man” Hauser,

Longshot but I wanted to let Stacy know that in his skate documentary my home is shown in Encino CA. I was blown away when I saw it and knowing some of the original greats skated MY pool is amazing! I would empty it if some of those people wanted to come skate it again after so many years! I think that would be pretty cool. Anyway...if you ever wanted to make that happen let me know and I am down.

PS - Brad Bowman was a high school friend of mine.

— Chris Bryer

Powell classic retro re-issues such as the Steve Steadham model offer the ultimate in stability which is extremely important for me as I am a handstand specialist. I am the only skateboarder in the world to bomb Hill Street, Signal Hill, CA in a handstand on my skateboard which resulted in an amazing velocity of acceleration and also where I started it went from 10 degrees to 20 degrees to 40 degrees to almost 45 degrees of slope or more, all while upside down in the most insane HandStand Skateboarding footage which was captured on digital video and which I am finally taking out of the vault to have a Physics dude study it for Skateboarding world records of physics for acceleration, angle of degree in a handstand on a skateboard, and the enormous G-forces which my body had to sustain when I crashed. I was in and out of the hospital for a year and had to have 4 surgeries on my left knee as my Patella tendon exploded (my kneecap ended on near my thigh) which had to be re-attached in major surgery and then it got infected with MRSA (methecylin staph resistant aerelus) which went into the bone and I was facing amputation. Dr. Laurie Mortara a USC Professor of I.D. saved my leg but it was a very long road as it kept re-infecting and I had to rehab three separate times and learn to walk three separate times. I credit the stability of the Powell Steve Steadham re-issue with saving my life, as well as God through my guardian angels and as well as my talented surgeon and extremely good training prior to the attempt (I practiced segments of the hill in a handstand for nearly a month). For legal reasons I never released the video as I would not want it on my conscious if a younger skate attempted the same and perished on that hill in a millie second which is really what should have happened to me.

I am now in the best shape of my life and I am planning on setting at least two new Guiness book of world records, most likely on my very trusty Powell re-issue (the one I crashed on has been retired by me and some luck dude in Long Beach, CA is riding it.

My brother Troy is a contractor right there in SB, CA (Safeguard Roofing) and I love the fact that your product is not only made in the USA but also made in a town I know very very well and visit often.

Best Regards to Mr. Powell the Legend Stevie C. and the krew at Powell.

— Brad “HandStandMan!!!” Hauser aka Emehiser, HandStandMan Productions/Byrd and Chapman Media Arts Advertising Agency

one and only board i skated. Still remember Christmas morning waking up to the Caballero deck white with the red bats and dragon, g&s trucks and powell t-bone wheels that was almost 25 years ago and i still have the board and my son is riding it now.. also have the blue one...

— Patrick “Gritz” Coogan

You cannot underestimate what a HUGE part of my (and all my friends) life P&P skates were.
Always the bench mark for innovation and style in skateboarding - in bot h their sponsored pros and their product.
Nothing will ever feel as special as it felt setting up a new powell & peralta deck back in the day and popping that first ollie on it!!
I'm so stoked also that Mike V is back on powell - the guy's a legend and remains the most influential skater to me personally in skatings history.
I'm 40 years old (and proud) still skating - now with my kids, and its not nostalgia, it's appreciation of worth..Thanks powell & thanks mike!!

— Jay Butler

Wow! Art work is amazing and the boards ride great. What more could you want?

— Darren

I purchased one of your boards it got ran over by a jeep today and it still works perfectly I've been the type to use a single brand but I'm keeping this brand it is super legit

— Roy Raas

Your products are #1! Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right! Keep it up.

— Mike

Hy guys, I love the brand since childhood! I'm a full grown up now.. but still with a kid mind. I started drawing on skateboard a few years ago and i wondered if you might be interested in some designs. I've decided to draw on old school boards only from now on! real stuff! Peace.

— Xavier “Mr.X” Thilly

I started skating back in '87 and one of the best gifts my "dad" ever gave me growing up was my first pro PP-red skull/snake "Mike McGill" skateboard. It meant so much to me. Other boards I had growing up were..."Skull and Sword", "Per Welinder", and Cab's "Chinese Dragon"...Those were the best moments of my childhood; things have changed since then but I'm glad you guys are re-issuing the classics. Thanks for the memories PP...your proudest fan...

— Alex “A-1”

This is a brand of board I have love through out my childhood and adult life. I am excited to be associated with this website and hope learn of their growth and product development as they excel.

— luke “lum” adams

Since this weekendI am the proud owner of a old school Mc Gill PP deck. It has Independent trucks and blue Rat Bones wheels. I am like the happiest man in the world (I am 41) and this is the best skateboard that I ever owned.
I love everything about it. Also the 90A Rat Bones wheels give me a lot of grip wile carving the local skatepark.
Keep on bringing back the old school shapes and wheels!
Powell Peralta Rules!

— Bart “Bart Van Mulders” Van Mulders

My first pro-deck was a white Powell-Peralta "Skull and Sword".It had great design and graphics and I was amazed by the stability and the tricks I could perform with it.The decks from other brands I owned afterwards never gave me so much fun and satisfaction as my Powell-Peralta deck.Thanks for the great time of fun,friends and endless summers the P-P cooperation gave me!

— Bjorn

Hey guys I just wanted to hop in again and say that I recently purchased Dogtown and Z Boys and itwas one of the best and most interesting documentaries ever. It really opened my eyes further to the history of skateboarding. That is all, keep skating and having fun, don't lose the spirit of Animal Chin.

— Rob

can anybody tell me anything about a deck? it was purchased about 30 years ago...its never been ridden or even had trucks on it. i think its a steve caballero deck... it has a sticker of a dragon on the top in the middle, split grip tape, nothing on the bottom, its natural wood...anything would help. thanks

— lalo tejeda

I only have two things to say...1st: I want a re-issue Tommy Guerrero flaming dagger. For God's sake what's the hold up? 2nd: What is so difficult with my first question to come true? Shit...give Tommy a cut, plenty of money could be made.

— Steve “"White Boy"” Collins

At 30 years old I just got my first Powell Peralta skateboard, having wanted one since 1989 and it's been worth the wait! So stoked to see the leering face of the ripper on a deck, great concave and solid maple!
You guys rule!

— Board “Brain”

Items 121-140 of 429

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