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Good morning all,
I grew up skating in the late 80s and early 90s. Now I'm a 45 year old father of three. My 11 year old recently said she wanted a skateboard (I'll be buying her a Sakura deck from Christmas), and it brought a smile to my face. I promptly ordered her a bunch of generic parts so she could build her own board like I did. I promptly ordered a Powell Peralta complete deck (classic ripper logo). The weekend she told me she wanted a skateboard, we binge watched all of the bones brigade videos. I purchased my 8 year old son a magneto board which we soon learned was pure junk, he now has his own powell peralta ripper board. They've since gone to skate camp at the Kona skatepark, and we go skate park hoping on the weekends. My youngest now wants to learn to skate. It's brought my family closer together and taught my kids that everyone falls and it only matters that you get back up and keep trying. Also, my respect to Andy Anderson for wearing a helmet and setting a positive example for the kids. Andy makes skating look silly, fun and awesome; he reminds me of Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen; I hope we get to meet him someday. Thanks to all at the Powell Peralta family from my family.

— Micah

I hope that this email finds you well. I am turning 52 on July 3. In the 80's I was a die hard skater. It was the most pure fun I have had in my life. Growing up and watching the Bones Brigade fueled my passion to skate. I am now a retired officer, currently a school teacher, and also a Pastor. I purchased a board a few years ago and just purchased another today on July 2, 2023. I enjoyed it and I am going keep it a part of who I am. Thank you for the years of fun Powell & Peralta gave me!

— Eric “Baptist” Baptist, WOW!Consulting LLC

I have been skating the Ben Hatchell Flight 249 deck and its really perfect. Mellow feels right. I keep experimenting with other shapes and sizes, but nothing else really feels like my board. I will probably snag a 249 and see how that feels. I compared the Flight deck to my Santa Cruz VX with a 14.25" wheelbase and nearly broke myself in the bowl. That is just a ME thing, after switching to a steeper tail and shorter wheelbase. Tiny difference, but feels like a big difference at speed. But the way the mellow tail kicks on the flight feels like my preference. Plus I ollie higher and more controlled on the flight. I tried an 8.25 and that felt tiny to me. I am pretty curious about the 8.75" with 15" wheelbase. If anyone has compared the 244/249 with the 245 decks, post something here about what you think. I do wish we could get more graphics in the 244 and 249 decks. Powell-Peralta is killing it!

— Johnathon “Finney” Finney

My son took a really bad fall at the skatepark yesterday, it would have been a lot worse if he wasn’t wearing a helmet. The only reason he wears one is because he loves Andy Anderson. Thanks to Powell for putting Andy in the spotlight.

— Jeff

Dear Powell-Peralta,
Your new 60mm rat bones-shaped 93a dragon wheels are AMAZING! I have been waiting for a wheel like this my whole life and I’m totally stoked to have this shape and this durometer on all my old-school Powell-Peralta re-issue decks. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Pleeeeeeeeease don’t ever stop making them, they are a dream.
Lots of love xxoo Mieke

— Mieke Moreu

I received my two Sakura Yosozumi 8.5 decks. And they Awesome. Of course I miss having the topical graphics/LOGO. B e a utiful, none the less. Send me a email when her board comes in a 9.0 flight option and I'll get two more. I'm a southern old school skater. Non professional. At 50 I still enjoy getting around on them. The shipping was faster than I thought it would be. Thumbs up for Powell&Peralta on shipping. No scratches or dents. I'm Trying to get my kids and grand kids into boarding. So, look forward to doing more business with P&P in the near future

— Jimmy “Sandman” Parker

Just want to thank you for building the flight deck. At 6’3” and 265lbs, traditional wooden decks do not last. For me 2 or 3 broken decks per session was normal. I have literally saved thousands of dollars in decks since the flight deck came out. But knowing that it won’t break when I land allows me to try and do things I never would on a regular deck. So many thanks.

— Wallace Patriquin

George Powell is an innovator,and true to the game!,always has been,haters be damed!!This means of transportation,wooden toys,skateboarding, can always be improved on when it comes to product,and George has done that,in the 40yrs I've been rolling and well before that!Well Powell has done it again with these dragon formula wheels,there incredible!!,a soft wheel that has the ability to slide,truly the best of both worlds.After four decades I've finally found a wheel that I will roll for the rest of my days,may that be forever.Thank you George Powell for your life long pursuit of making quality,innovative products for skateboarders.

— Gville “Gville”

Big fan of Powell Peralta. The company went from being an OG veteran skate make that targeted more towards appealing old school bowl skaters to now being on the bleeding edge of innovation with your dragon formula wheels and flight deck construction for both street and transition skaters. Improvements can still be made for example I still chip my flight decks but I don't need to worry about them snapping because it doesn't happen. Here's hoping Powell continues pushing innovation to solve all the big problems with modern skateboards today.

— Richard Malcolm

When a stubborn rock snagged my board from under me crossing the street, my board flew in front of a car that went over it with both tires right in the middle, i saw it curl almost like it was a high carbon steel foil only to pop back into shape and when i retrieved it there wasn't a splinter or crack on it.

— Ashley “Hash Ash” Gilbert, I should be more organized

Seen a video the other day with your boy Andy Anderson in it. Number 1 great kid. Seen a contest video he was in. Not sure if he won or not. That not the point tho. What I seen was a young man taking some freestyle to the ramp and street. And it’s about time . He is raising the bar on the whole game. Making it limitless. Redefining the whole dam game ! All I got to say is the rest gonna be playing catch up for along time. Wish him the best on all of it. To infinity and beyond!! Country

— Tim “Country” Dunman, Roving stagehand

Have been skating since 1968,GT hardwood board,the rest have been PP,all the way through until today,June 2021,now skating an Andy Anderson board,Bones wheels and bearings.Thank you George,Court,(LCJ),and dedicating time to produce the best boards,wheels,videos and hardware.

— Tim Phillips

In third grade a friend of mine came into class with the Caballero mini, and from that moment PP had me. It would take a few boards before I got my own Lance Mountain with Tracker Aggros and the Rat Bones II wheels, but that was the peak skating era of my youth, the Bones Brigade were my childhood idols, and the last board I had as a kid was actually the Wade Speyer Slayer Hell Awaits deck (which I REALLY wish you'd reissue ;)) everslick bottom and all. Music became my be all end all for most of my life, but I always followed the era of skateboarding I liked and kept up on what was going on with it. This past year the pandemic has put a freeze on the music and I have gone back to skating. Have since acquired the snubnose Ray Bones, OG Ripper, and the aformentioned Caballero mini that got me started all those years ago, only it belongs to me now ha. I wish these style decks had been in production during the 90s as I'm sure I never would've stopped. I know I'm never going to now. Lifetime customer with me. Cheers.......

— Mike

My 14 year old son started skating last Summer. I skated when I was his age and so I highly encouraged him to pursue this activity. I take him and his friends to the local skate park and we watch videos all the time on how to improve on skating. When I started talking to him about skating he gave me this look like you know what you are talking about. Up to this point he really didn't have a clue that I really knew how to skate. He thinks its pretty cool that I know "things and stuff". Well about a year ago and half ago i had open heart surgery (quintuple bypass and my ascending aorta replaced). Since then I've rearranged my priorities in life. I told my wife I was going to start skating again (she thinks I'm crazy). So at 49 years old I purchased a 9 x 32 sword and skull. I set it up exactly the way I wanted. Independent 159's, 58mm Powell Sword and Skull wheels, Bones bearings. It is the smoothest riding board I have ever owned. My 14 year old thinks its neat that I can ollie (I don't remember them being so hard HA), walk the board, board flips etc. He likes my board more than his. His is a good board as well but not a Powell.
My only regret is it took me 29 years to hop back on. Currently saving for a Andy Anderson flight deck. My son will getting that.(he doesn't know that yet). Thank you for helping me my new journey.

— Britton “DeWeese” DeWeese

Dear Powell Peralta,
I have been a life-long fan of your boards. As a child, I looked up to the Bones Brigade. Now I'm in my early 40s and still look back fondly on those times. The autobiography really brought back good memories. I had a Lance Mountain deck as a kid, and now my daughter has one of her own. It's so great sharing this hobby with my kids. The reason I'm writing to you is because I'm a teacher and I'm modeling that companies enjoy praise as much as every person on the planet. So... I thought of you first. You were a HUGE part of my life, and still are. I simply wanted to hank you for that.

Damien Buckley
53083 Kentland St
Macomb, MI 48042

— Damien “Bucktroop” Buckley

I cleaned my 4 and a half year old swiss bearings yesterday while i had some time at the shop and they are still so fast and so superior.
I tried out a set of Bronson G3's on a board just to see how they stack up and they don't even come close.

— Jen

Hello, I am messaging because I just broke my Powell-Peralta flight deck while skating. I’ve had this board for over three years and this has by far been the best board I have ever had. I cannot find anymore in stock anywhere. I bought a normal 7ply Canadian maple deck recently and used the Powell-Peralta as a back up before it broke and the 7ply maple was broke in under a month and I was back on the flight deck. I bought a Santa Cruz Vx in hope of something similar to the flight deck, but it was cheaply made, unbalanced and delaminated within a week. I spent 80$ on the Santa crux vx and after less than a week I’ve had to return it. I am messaging out of desperation! I need another flight deck! I cannot skate anything else the same, I am always trying to learn new tricks and I skate hard and fast regularly. Normal 7ply decks are just not strong enough to last for me.

— Percy Johnson

I brought my vintage Riedell rollerskates in to have a pro look them over after I cleaned the bearings.
Carlos took the time to help me, also helping other customers present in the shop with the utmost patience.
He took the time to put all new spacers in my wheels and checked all the bearings.
Exceptional service!

— Jennifer Buur

I just wanted to tell you guys that I have been watching your latest generation of skateboarders including Andy Anderson. Great work in picking some CLASS A athletes as well as great personalities. These are the types of skateboarders I would like my son and daughters to look up to as they learn to skate. Just as I and my brother had the likes of Stacy and Tony Hawk while growing up. Keep up the phenomenal work and kudos to your talent acquisition team....

— Neil Garneau

Hello to Mr. George Powell and thank you for allowing the tour of the factory. I have been skating for 40 years and this has truly been an insight into a part I was lacking in skateboarding history and knowledge. I will definitely try to support your company as much as possible due to watching the factory tour video and seeing how much your company has done for skateboarding. Thank You Again for the Innovation and Innovation!

— James

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