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I came across a 1978 Skull And Sword Powell Peralta Board at a garage sale, it's a bad a** board, and I was wondering if anyone knows how much that board is worth? The decals look good as new, but the background paint is faded, and the board is a little water damaged, other than that it's in great condition considering it is a 33 year old board. Any ideas on price would be helpful because I wanna know if i should ride it or save it

— Bridges Gijsbers

Need more SP2 decks, especially Skull & Sword and Ripper. Have the K15 available, but we should have an original style concave as an option too.

— Kevin H.

Hi guys! I'm a big fan! The videos changed my life! Then the Bones Demo in Rochester, NY 1988, Lance, Mike V, Saiz! I was hooked! I moved to California and SKATED! I rode so many PP decks, and loved them all. Also got 4th place in the Shop Team Challenge 1989, riding for Galaxy Sports, when the skate park was still outside! It was the coolest thing ever! For years I have been wondering why is there no Bones Brigade Video 5? What happened to 5? Was there a 5? Will there be a 5? Public Domain Video Four, Ban This Video 6. Why is Ban this Video 6 and not 5? I have never heard of any explanation... Is this an unusual question? Please enlighten me, I've been dying to know.

— Mike “Mikey the Wop” Marinaccio, Poor House Skateboards

Hey guys, I'm 14 years old and PP is definitely my favorite skateboard company. Old school. The way it should be.

— Tim

Stacy Peralta Old School Gladiator, Dogtown is the Source of everything we do today. Saludos a todos los Brigaders ♠

— Mauro Deo

All i am saying is a new video would be guys have the greatest skateboard team today...a new video would be monumental to say the least, and Hoffarts part in the bones video was killer...and i love that mike v is on the team his part would be sweet to, when he is healed.

— Travis

Hello again Brigade Army, today I finally Got my "The Search for Animal Chin" The best Skateboarding movie ever, The old skool skate is pure and the most beautiful thing to witness. I would liked to have been there. My respect Stacy Peralta, until soon.

— Mauro Deo

i thought i would just ask i don't have video and i only have a few pictures all in all i can backflip over transfers. mob hills at over 55 mph skate doing gaps on iced over roads and have pushed myself to extremes while skating my whole life the last two years the worst i got sponsored and kept getting slipped drugs when i would go drink so i didn't know i was sponsored came back up to mammoth lakes last year to snowboard for the season and skateboard on ice and the lupe happened all over again and my sponsors i didn't even know i had, had an intervention with me and told me to get sober or they would sponsor me anymore, i bailed home to get sober but i still don't know who they are!!! thanks if you atleast hit me back ( 760)822-9213 peace be with you!!!ask the guys at the ymca if i have it in me as long as i have the proper gear am fed well and am not homeless, i.e. mike mcgill, kevin stabb,allen young,rob lorifice,eliot smith,ect. and alex at waverave in mammoth lakes ca. where the volcom brothers skatepark is!!!laters

— JOHN “MOHAWKINS ” hawkins, none

STACY!!!! i love u guys (the z-boys) and u probably get this all the time but i think u me jay tony and wentzly should go to the old Zephyr shop together and make it a memorial!!!! i mean for what all u guys did for the sport u deserve it so much!!!!!!

— Nina “neennaneenn!!!!” parkinson

I just wanted to thank y'all for so many years of great skateboards and wheels. I just bought a Future Primitive and a McGill for my five year old. We rode the bowl at Arlington, VA and it was great to be back on a Powell Peralta, the finest boards ever made.

— Alex S

I have skated your decks from the first Hawk deck on and have loved them all. In my vintage stable is an old Flame Sword deck from way back that makes regular trips to the Skatepark to this day. The nose is blunt the tail is razored but it has never cracked or delaminated. Its one tuff old deck and a true testament to the quality of your boards.
Long live the Ripper!

— Aaron

Hello Brigaders, I miss the old school style and lifestyle, but we live with that memories in our heart. Por eso yo digo larga vida al Rey ♠

— Mauro Deo

powell peralta should make new mag letter boards

— shane

Jon Comer!!!!!

— jim “jimbob” jones, skateboarding

I would take down a law man for a Per Welinder Street do I get one? Powell streetstyle wheels or freestyle wheels? Let's see some Tony Hawk and Lance Mountain re-issues, thinking about it, a Tommy Guerrero would be the bomb! Cats that lived and breathed skateboarding in the 80's, like me, would kill to have those memories in guys have the means, shit, I would invest!

— Steven Collins

Hola a todos Brigaders, desde Argentina saludos a todos. "Long Live to Skateboard and Jay Adams" Viva la destruccion.

— Mauro Deo

My friend won tickets to the world premiere of public domain. we got to ride on the chartered bus from the factory in S.B. to L.A. with some of the bones brigade. I remember talking to George Powell and him being interested in my native american background. Now I'm a chief of my tribe and have a lot of responsibilities but then I was an eighth grader at la cumbre jr. high who thought that sk8ting was everything. What I wouldn't give to go back and have my bones brigade card in my pocket and my vallely deck under my feet. Sk8ting shaped my life. To me powell and peralta is a huge part of my youth and growing up in santa barbara wouldn't have been the same without it. sk8 hard.

— john “ lame deer” fire

Stumbling upon this website has triggered so many memories of the 70's, 80's, and skating as a youth. My nephews are into it now, and have no idea of the rich history and the big roll the P&P played in propelling the sport forward. They don't even realize that we had to build our own ramps back then!

— Rob D

I just ordered my brand new Mike Vallely deck (just like the one I had in '87). I'm gonna throw on my Indy 165's and a sweet set of G-Bones I've been sitting on for years. The streets of Pittsburgh will be mine, again. Thanks for bringing it back. Not just the deck, but that indestructable feeling. Skate and Destroy!

— Chuck Brown

It was roughly 1988 when I saw a pro board for the first time. Kenn had just bought the Ripper board and I still remember how excited I was. After that I became a skater and still to this day, being a father and 33 years old - I'm still a skater and always will be.

— Dale McConnery

Items 181-200 of 427

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Note: This page is for testimonials. For any other requests please use our contact form.