The Bones Brigade, minus Tony Hawk, have been enjoying their days and nights at the Sundance Film Festival. tickets sundance film festival bones brigade So far there have been two showings and the response to the film has been very good. Today was a non-theater day but the Bones Brigade was busy talking up the film. The morning started with interviews with the Sundance Channel on the Park City ski slopes. rodney, stacy, mike, tommy, cab, lance, sundance film festival Rodney, Stacy, Tommy, Mike, Lance, and Cab. After the interviews were finished down on the base, Mike, CAB, Stacy, and Stacy's son, Austin got in some runs for the Sundance Channel. CAB, Mike, Stacy Sundance Channel Austin, CAB, Mike and Stacy getting strapped. Then it was off to a photo shoot and interviews with Variety Magazine bones briagde variety magazine Variety crew with Bones Brigade The guys finished the 'off day' with a photo shoot with Entertainment Weekly magazine. Bones Brigade Entertainment Weekly Post Entertainment Weekly photo shoot