Powell Peralta Ray Rodriguez Skull and Sword Skateboard Wheels 58mm 90A 4pk

Powell Peralta Ray Rodriguez Skull and Sword Skateboard Wheels 58mm 90A 4pk

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Powell Peralta Ray Rodriguez Skull and Sword Skateboard Wheels 58mm 90A 4pk

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BrandPowell Peralta
Wheel CoreNone
Wheel Diameter58mm
Wheel Hardness90a
Wheel FormulaSBA
Wheel ColorWhite
Wheel Suggested UseAll Terrain
Wheel SurfaceSmooth
Wheel ShapeRAT BONE II
About the Wheels:
The 90a hardness combines the speed and durability of a hard wheel with the forgiveness of a soft wheel.

About the Skull and Sword artwork:

The Rodriguez "Skull & Sword" deck was the first pro signature deck graphic produced by Powell-Peralta. The graphic was conceived by Ray and Illustrated by V.C. Johnson with art direction from George Powell in 1979. 

Initially released in two distinctly different shapes; a 10" x 30" "Widetail" version and a 10" x 28.5" "Snub Nose,” it came in "Brite-Lite" Dayglo yellow, orange, purple and green. In years to follow, it was made in various different colors and a Powell-Peralta logo was added. In 1983 Ray's signature was removed and replaced with a Powell-Peralta script logo. The graphic was also used for T-shirts and stickers.

Originally Released: 1979




Customer Reviews

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my favorites now Review by matt
I need the softer duro for the harsh asphalt around here and after riding these at a smooth park, these are my overall favorite now. I was riding 97a OJ's at the park but not anymore. I ride these on the Vallely reissue with Indys and it's my favorite setup. The wheels are fast, smooth, and don't stop dead when you hit a pebble. Very good wheel for larger deck setups. (Posted on 9/27/2020)
Great wheel for everything Review by Elijah
These wheels are the best, they slide really well but they’re big and soft enough not to get caught up on small cracks and they give you a super smooth ride. I just retired them at 49mm, but they still feel great. I’ve had them about 6 months and the only complaint I have is that the bearing seats are a bit stretched out, but that’s to be expected with the amount of power sliding I’ve done on them. (Posted on 8/5/2020)
Common Ground Review by Levi
I purchased these wheels because I live close to several rad parks with different surfaces, and it was annoying to keep swapping out my wheels every time I went to a different park. I found my common ground with these wheels. They are hard enough for flat tricks, maintain great speed, and has unprecedented control on any skate surface, i.e., (concrete, wood, skatelite pro, and metal). Rest assured, if you have these wheels on your possession, there are no parks they can’t shred on! (Posted on 6/10/2020)
Softer and Faster Review by Gary
I *love* these wheels. 97A and 99A have been too hard to ride on New England asphalt, so I have these and they are perfect; I can ride around the neighborhood now, no problem, and at the local park they are just a bit faster than the harder wheels. (Posted on 5/29/2020)
Softer and Faster Review by Gary
I’ve only been skating for about a year, but for most of that year I was riding 97A hardness and the New England asphalt was a bit rough. Trying 99A was extremely rough. These 90A are perfect here, and are even a little bit faster than the harder wheels on the street and at the local park. LOVE these wheels! (Posted on 5/29/2020)
hard to believe Review by matt
Hard to believe we rode 66mm wheels back in the 80's. These 58mm are the height limit of what I will ride today, I prefer 56mm, but the 90a duro (hardness) is perfect. Fast but quiet, some bounce, you don't feel like your knees are smashing into your pelvis if you are an older guy who ollies stuff. They ride right over pebbles and sketchy concrete. The parking lots where I skate are atrocious; littered with cracks, asphalt patches and tons of pebbles.These wheels, on my Vallely elephant re-issue, roll right over it all. I have some 97a wheels from another brand and cannot skate them anywhere but a skate park; I get stopped dead and thrown off the board by every single twig, rock and crack if I try to street skate them around here. It's awful. But these 90a's cruise right on over that mess and make it possible to enjoy curbs and big ollies on some really bad concrete. (Posted on 5/26/2020)
My Go To Review by Salty McHaggis
I buy these wheels whenever I get a new deck. These are my go to. The diameter and hardness are good in all kinds of surface conditions. And I love the blue and the Ray Bones artwork. I keep lots of different sizes and hardness of wheels around. Every single one is a Bones or Powell Peralta wheel but I put them on for specific surfaces. These Ray "Bones" get put back on after. (Posted on 4/16/2020)
Good wheels Review by Larry
A friend of mine has this set on a Ray Rodriguez board. I’ve ridden it, and this set of wheels were great cruising around the skatepark. (Posted on 7/12/2019)
Soft Review by Scott
If you are looking for a good set of wheels for cruising these are it! (Posted on 5/23/2019)
Mr. Review by Harold
Nice wheels, fairly soft on my old knees. (Posted on 4/25/2019)

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