Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Skateboard Wheels 72mm 75A 4pk Green

Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Skateboard Wheels 72mm 75A 4pk Green

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Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Skateboard Wheels 72mm 75A 4pk Green

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BrandPowell Peralta
Wheel CoreNone
Wheel Diameter72mm
Wheel Width57.5mm
Wheel Contact Width57.5mm
Wheel Hardness75a
Wheel FormulaSoft Slide
Wheel ColorGreen
Wheel Suggested UseDownhill/Freeride
Wheel SurfaceSmooth

The 72mm Kevin Reimer wheel from Powell-Peralta is an all-around DH performer. In 75a, and poured in SSF PRO, this wheel has substantially more traction than our other freeride wheels. This is a downhill race wheel with the skin on, and then can serve you as a fast freeride wheel afterwards - Truly the best of both worlds. This is the new version that comes with the black H5 fibre infused core, and a new "inset" lip that will let the wheel grip more, and wear better. We know you'll love them. 

  • Brilliant Surface - More grip when new
  • Sharp edges offer extra flex for grip while carving, or sliding
  • SSF PRO - 30% more grip than SSF 
  • Smooth sliding, but grip oriented shape for carving or racing
  • Suitable for freeride when broken in 
  • 2mm inset with new H5 core, still flippable for even wear 


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yes. Ke????️os are the best wheel for dh/freeride Review by Jeph
it is true; these grip for .5 to 2, possibly 3 runs over 200 yards until you break traction enough to get thru to the very highly chained urethane molecules of this ultra refined formula moves these from a grip to a trustable-bite slide brush with which we can all be Picasso or VanGogh , using thane as our paints & asphalt as canvas to freaking shred our towns hills into masterpieces of stokeism.

IOWs, these wheels permit you to share like an artist (Posted on 9/10/2021)
Great wheels from a great company. Review by Reed Aton
Like magic. Grip and slide as soon as it comes to mind. Really great wheel. Also Kam Park is amazing with customer service and deserves a raise. (Posted on 9/9/2021)
Best wheel on the market Review by Jay
Perfect balance of grip and slip. I literally sold or gave away all of my other wheels ???? (Posted on 8/27/2021)
Green SSF PRO Review by Lou Santos
These wheels leave behind lines much more than the purple SSF formula, which means the GREEN SSF PRO ACTUALLY die quicker. They HAVE more grip than the purple SSF BUT ARE EQUALLY AWESOME TO FREERIDE. DEFINITELY THE KIND OF WHEELS YOU’D WANT ON MORE SERIOUS RUNS. (Posted on 8/15/2021)
Great wheels Review by Robert
I use these on my cruiser setup and they are perfect for running around town. They smooth out the gnarliest of sidewalks and make asphalt feel like glass. (Posted on 3/15/2021)
Basically my Favorite Wheel Ever. Review by Nathaniel
These are sick asf for freeride. If i only wanna bring one set of wheels it's these. They are DOPE. (Posted on 9/20/2020)
Best wheels ever ? Review by Helge
I don't have very extensive experience with longboard wheels.

But I find it hard to imagine that a freeride wheel can give much better value than this.

They perform so incredibly well and slide so deliciously nice for their whole duration.
So far I've got mine down to about 65mm.
I just love these wheels so much, I can't recommend them enough! ???? (Posted on 5/21/2020)
Excellent wheels Review by Terry Johnson
Excellent wheels Great for downhill extremely grippy love these wheels (Posted on 6/12/2019)
Bee skating for 35 years. Finally started downhill. These Kevin Reiner wheels give this newbie the confidence to go fast a stick corners and also slide when I WANT TO SLIDE. Made in the USA ! Always made in the USA . Riding Powell for Life !!!
GO SKATE! (Posted on 5/20/2019)
New products are so good Review by Bartley
So good... Great stuff from the Downhill Division (Posted on 11/20/2018)

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