Powell Peralta Dragon Formula Green Dragon Skateboard Wheels 52mm x 31mm 93A 4pk

Powell Peralta Dragon Formula Green Dragon Skateboard Wheels 52mm x 31mm 93A 4pk

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Powell Peralta Dragon Formula Green Dragon Skateboard Wheels 52mm x 31mm 93A 4pk

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BrandPowell Peralta
Wheel CoreNone
Wheel Diameter52mm
Wheel Width31mm
Wheel Hardness93a
Wheel ColorWhite
Wheel SurfaceSmooth

About Dragon Formula: The amazing new Dragon Formula™ (DF) Urethane used to create these wheels is another industry leading innovation from Powell • Peralta. DF-93A Dragons will not only roll over rough terrain, but also grip and slide like 99A and 101A wheels do, so that you can do all your normal tricks and more on the greater range of skate terrains made skateable by its softer 93A hardness. 

Speed: Dragons are very fast because DF-93A is super high rebound, an industry leading 18-20% higher than hard wheels. This higher rebound means you won’t lose speed in bowls or parks the way you would with an ordinary 93A wheel, and you will roll much smoother and faster on rough streets and sidewalks…even in places you used to have to walk your board. 

Grip & Slide: Dragons slide on both rough and smooth terrains, and also grip when you need it. This is because Dragon Formula is not just an ordinary mid-90’s wheel formula. It has been developed over a ten year period to optimize and fine tune it to perfection. No other wheel can do what these Dragons can.

Durability: Dragon Formula is not only smooth, fast and slidable, it is also durable. The slidability comes from its unique blend of high performance materials by making the urethane weak so it will slide as the urethane wears away, not creating flats spots. Dragons are very long lasting so they are not only better skating, they are a great value too.


Customer Reviews

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52mm Review by booflamekook
These are nice on all terrains but unwaxed round rails. If the rail is dry you either get stuck or get derailed. They’re also very slippery on wet surfaces. I can’t wait for the 95a ???????????? (Posted on 9/2/2022)
I can’t believe it!! Review by RickyBobby
Not sure what kind strange brew Mr. Powell has worked up here but these things are incredible. (Posted on 8/30/2022)
Strangely good Review by Esteban
Sliide slick on blacktop, quick on most surfaces. Surprising and odd wheels. I can't tell when they will let go. overall good (Posted on 8/25/2022)
Slick Review by Raimi
These wheels do what they say they do . They also absorb impact when I do slappies and I'm able to skate longer without knee pain. Highly recommend ???? (Posted on 8/23/2022)
Awesome Wheels!! Review by Nick FM
I wanted to see what all the hype was around these wheels and it was true!! Skated these 52s at a ditch spot and they rolled so smooth over everything (rough) but also slid like crazy! I also picked myself up a pair of 54mms!! (Posted on 8/23/2022)
Amazing wheels Review by CJ Smith
I love these wheels I can actually skate for hours and not hurt my back or feet I love how they feel like Filmer wheels but also slide like street wheels I need more pairs of these for every set up I have an I have 5 of them haha I hope they make 58mm and 60mm that would be amazing if you thinking about getting them get them don’t think about it (Posted on 8/17/2022)
I sullied my trousers Review by Francis Finch
I'm 52 and haven't had a session like this since the 80s. Skated longer, did rock, rock fakie and 50/50 for first time on concrete. Calves hurt from all the pumping but knees and ankles aren't rekt. GAME CHANGER! (Posted on 8/13/2022)
I LOVE these wheels! Review by Nick Strandberg
I like softer wheels and these have the speed and smoothness of a soft wheel and the performance of a hard wheel. Groundbreaking stuff here (Posted on 8/11/2022)
Best wheels Review by Connor buboltz
I have been excited to get these wheels ever since I saw my favorite YouTubers playing with the expirementals. It truly is un believable how soft they are, I find they feel like 86s and not 93s. After I spent an hour breaking them in they slide slicker than standard hard wheels. Whould highly recommend! (Posted on 8/1/2022)
Goldilocks Wheels Review by Legend of Rick G
Hard wheels are not skateable on my street. Soft wheels are slow and don’t slide. These wheels are soft, fast, and slide perfectly. I am so grateful! (Posted on 7/27/2022)

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