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Seeing you guys reissue all the old school decks really bring me back to a time where all we cared about was sk8ing! Meeting up with about 1/2 dozen of our friends we would literally ride all over looking for spots we could shred. It wasn't like it is now where every town has a skatepark. We had to make do with whatever we could find out there. And man, was it awesome. Of course to get primed we would watch "animal chin" and attempt to skate like the BB. Thank you for all the memories and keep the reissues coming. I think there is literally 150 decks in my collection now !!

— Rob Larsen, Extremz BIke Shop

The Bones Mini-Cubic.
Basis of Depth Leviathan Dweller and Muskellunge of Dark Island's knife ritual set-ups.
Epitome of 1980s cult and darkness.
The roots of inspiration for the Bones STF BA. KU. wheel

— Depth Leviathan Dweller, The Barrier Kult

I was 11 when a neighbor of mine showed me his McGill skull and snake. I knew the second I saw that board, That i was looking at top of line. Growing up in a working class family I knew I couldn't have a P&P... That was, until I got a paper route at 14 or 15. After a few months, I finally squeezed out enough dough to get a pro board! Of course it was a Powell/Peralta, the tony hawk street model. At 37, I still ride but cant get myself to build the reissues that I've gotten from you (still the poor kid in me, maybe!). I still see them as works of art. Anyway, thank you for years of memories!

— Pablo “PAX” Smith

i need to decorate my house with vintage bones brigade decks...where can a guy find these our some re issues?

— jason friesen

i was a pretty hardcore skater in my youth and loved th powellperalta team. well about 2 months ago i watched the lords of dog town movie and the intensity of the founders such as yourself inspired me to ride again. im 38 years old and suprisingly only after a few sessions i felt as comfortable on your board as i di twenty plus years ago. we r fairly on the poor side and own one vehicle so ive been skating to work and it feels great. even my co workers think its awsome. thank u so much for showing me again what it feels like to be back on a board@ i cant realy afford to adorn my deck with different powell peralta stickers but when im able to i will maybe inspire others to pick it back up again thank u. respectfully tommy

— Tommy “Tommy GUNN” Ryan

Just got my old school ripper. This board is like a old pair of shoes. Awesome and perfect. Please keep on making them. Still stoked at 37yrs.

— Justin Reis

Hey what's up guys I was a skate boarder back in the 80's remembering the time watching you guys on all the bones brigade and until this day i wish I could meet everybody in person I did one time at hunington beach ca. At a expo I skate boarded with Tony hawk and jason lee I skate boarded with a lot of pro's at my time I did a lot of street skating and some ramp. Tell this day you guys are the greatest Stacy and george Powell thank you for putting the old bones brigade like lance mountain Tony hawk mike McGill and Steve cab and mike gurero and mr Mullen and willinder you guy made skate boarding happen. And the greatest there ever was. I'm 41years old I have a family wife and two kids and I talk about the pass I talk about how Powell peralta team is the best I talked about when I Ollie over a trash can standing up I ollied I was a good street skater I skate boarded for about ten years tell this day I could get on a board and do amazing things some people say wow who showed you that move and I tell them from watching all bones brigade video you guys keep up the good work you guys are never forgotten I will always remember you guys for the rest of my life. And there is one big wish I wish I could meet all you guys and have a signed skateboard from all of you and the founders Stacy and george. You guys made skateboarding for what it is today. Thank you

— Paul “Pablo” Kollee

Powell-Peralta, so when is it going to happen? When is the company going to give in and remake the bones brigade decks? The world wants them! The world needs them! Everybody is doing it, be like the cool kids! Powell-Peralta fan for life,

— Aaron “Trokes” Troken

I just purchased what I believe is an ORIGINAL BONES BIRGADE DECK.

— Jonny “J0nnyf5ve” Five,

Hey Powell Peralta,

I'm writing you guys this note to let you know what an amazing lasting impression your company made on me as a skate kid growing up on the east coast of Canada in Halifax.

My journey with your company began on a Steve Steadam board in the mid eighties. At that time, our town had one half pipe and a whack of 1/4 pipes in my buddies driveways. We lived it and the stoke we got from Powell has lasted a lifetime.

Fast forward to present day.....I''m now a 37 year old adult.....or at least trying my best to be one. I have my own board shop and I have an opportunity to engage and connect with the skate scene. In my own way I am giving back to the community and trying to ignite the stoke of the new generation....a generation that doesn't know what it was like to be a rider back in the early 80's.

It all has come full circle and I am stoked to help grow the skate community because for me there is nothing else like it. I still ride and every time I put someone on one of re-release Powell decks I get this tingly feeling like I am doing something special. Something only people who grew up in awe of the Bones Brigrade could feel.

I'm writing this to you guys to say thanks. Thanks for inspiring me to connect with my earliest passion and start a board shop. Thank you for being still being around so that I can showcase the awesomeness that is Powell Peralta at my shop.

I just assembled my newest ride....a Cabellero Chinese Dragon that I just rode around my block. To this day, there isn't another logo on the planet that makes me appreciate my roots as much as the Powell Peralta. It has transcended what a logo should mean to people. When dudes like us see it it reminds us of how special and important and rad a company can be. It brings us back to one of the most rad times in skateboarding and it is super important for us to share the legacy with the new gerneration.

Thanks dudes. You guys rock!!

— sean green, Shred board shop

Powell peralta has been my most favorite company for the last three years. I think you guys are just fantastic and i would recommend powell to any body. Just one wish, bring back tony hawk and more kevin harris reissues. Thanks for everything.

— Matt

Keep those re-issues coming!!! Thanks for the awesome memories!!

— Andy Morales

Powell Peralta is one of my favorite brands of all time! I first rode a borrowed McGill board in 1989 when I first got into skating and then purchased my first P/P deck in 1990, a Lance Mountain dough-boy. There is only one true skateboarding brand and that is Powell Peralta! To keep the tradition alive, last year I purchased the dagger board and love it. Keep up the good work and the great web-site! I check it on a regular basis. Although I no longer skate ramps and half-pipes, I still like having a deck handy to skate around the block with the dogs to prove that I can still skate and do an ollie. Keep up the great work and may Powell Peralta live forever!!

— Greg “barndog”

I first stepped onto a Caballero deck in 1984 and now at the ripe old age of 37 I'm still skating on a Cab! PP was my brand and always will be. If you reissue them I will buy them and skate them. What a lagacy!

— Jay “Jay Voorhees” Voorhhes

I purchased my Caballero reissue...WOW!!!!, childhood dream come true...growing up we couldn't afford pro boards now I have one. Please please please Tony Hawk reissue. :D. Thank you so much for the deck.

— Alf “Alfdog”

Thanks for the prompt service and awesome completes! It feels great to get back on a board again and I can't wait to make up for lost time (I'm 48 now, last skated... years ago). And big thanks to Steve Cab for never-ending inspiration!

— John Sharp

Dear Steve Caballero,
My name is Warrant Officer Robert Lopez Jr. I'm currently serving in the US Army deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I wanted to take a moment to commend you on how much your accomplishments motivate me and drive me to give 110% during this time of war. I would like to personally applaud you for all your success and wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. Thank you for giving it all for your fans! was wondering if you could send me your autograph. It would really mean the world to me! People like you are the reason I am so proud of the flag I carry on my shoulder. I'm scheduled to return home on March 2013. I'm looking forward in returning home and skateboard with my son! I want to share my skateboarding stories of the 80's! Those were awesome times for me! Thank you and God Bless! Please take care!

Lopez, Robert Jr.
18th CSSB
APO, AE 09355

— Robert Lopez Jr., US Army

Powell peralta ,
I miss my Guerrero iron gate skateboard .
What's the most similar board to it that I can buy?

— Kevin Hinojosa

I love Powell-Peralta! I'm 15 but I'm all about the old school! I ride the Mike V Elephant re issue deck but I'm going to get the purple pearl Caballero soon! I just wanted to than Powell-Peralta for re issuing decks or else I probably wouldn't skate! Skate or Die!

— Dylan Wikel

"Bones Brigade" The first thing that comes to my mind when I think in Skateboarding!The true masters and owners of the sport, respect and worship!

— Mauro “Caracortada” Deo, Sindicato de Basura

Items 81-100 of 446

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