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Keep those re-issues coming!!! Thanks for the awesome memories!!

— Andy Morales

Powell Peralta is one of my favorite brands of all time! I first rode a borrowed McGill board in 1989 when I first got into skating and then purchased my first P/P deck in 1990, a Lance Mountain dough-boy. There is only one true skateboarding brand and that is Powell Peralta! To keep the tradition alive, last year I purchased the dagger board and love it. Keep up the good work and the great web-site! I check it on a regular basis. Although I no longer skate ramps and half-pipes, I still like having a deck handy to skate around the block with the dogs to prove that I can still skate and do an ollie. Keep up the great work and may Powell Peralta live forever!!

— Greg “barndog”

I first stepped onto a Caballero deck in 1984 and now at the ripe old age of 37 I'm still skating on a Cab! PP was my brand and always will be. If you reissue them I will buy them and skate them. What a lagacy!

— Jay “Jay Voorhees” Voorhhes

I purchased my Caballero reissue...WOW!!!!, childhood dream come true...growing up we couldn't afford pro boards now I have one. Please please please Tony Hawk reissue. :D. Thank you so much for the deck.

— Alf “Alfdog”

Thanks for the prompt service and awesome completes! It feels great to get back on a board again and I can't wait to make up for lost time (I'm 48 now, last skated... years ago). And big thanks to Steve Cab for never-ending inspiration!

— John Sharp

Dear Steve Caballero,
My name is Warrant Officer Robert Lopez Jr. I'm currently serving in the US Army deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I wanted to take a moment to commend you on how much your accomplishments motivate me and drive me to give 110% during this time of war. I would like to personally applaud you for all your success and wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. Thank you for giving it all for your fans! was wondering if you could send me your autograph. It would really mean the world to me! People like you are the reason I am so proud of the flag I carry on my shoulder. I'm scheduled to return home on March 2013. I'm looking forward in returning home and skateboard with my son! I want to share my skateboarding stories of the 80's! Those were awesome times for me! Thank you and God Bless! Please take care!

Lopez, Robert Jr.
18th CSSB
APO, AE 09355

— Robert Lopez Jr., US Army

Powell peralta ,
I miss my Guerrero iron gate skateboard .
What's the most similar board to it that I can buy?

— Kevin Hinojosa

I love Powell-Peralta! I'm 15 but I'm all about the old school! I ride the Mike V Elephant re issue deck but I'm going to get the purple pearl Caballero soon! I just wanted to than Powell-Peralta for re issuing decks or else I probably wouldn't skate! Skate or Die!

— Dylan Wikel

"Bones Brigade" The first thing that comes to my mind when I think in Skateboarding!The true masters and owners of the sport, respect and worship!

— Mauro “Caracortada” Deo, Sindicato de Basura

to sum it all youth,and i never want to lose those memories.NEVER!

— Jason “BIRD” Alarcon

Hi there

Here is my testimonial: Powell Peralta Boards are the best!!!

I've been skateboarding most of my life and I've skated all kind of boards, from the el;cheepo's to the most expensive, from old school to new and the boards I've loved most and still ride today is the Powell Peralta old school decks.
Although I got them as hand-me-downs from skaters who stopped or changed style of board, they are the most durable and the most wickedest to skate. My, I think its a James McGill, lasted me 8 years and the guy before me skated it for a good 10 years, hard core.
The one I ride now, although I'm not sure which one it is, I've had now for 15 years and the guy before me also about 15 years.
Besides tail and nose damage, nothing else wrong with it.
Brilliant boards!!! I'm definitely going to buy myself another one soon, the finger board looks perfect, my 1st officially brand new PP, can't wait.
oh, a little extra info - the rest of the specs read as follows, although not PP, but that will change with my next buy;
Indie trucks
Vereflex base plate
golden state buck wheels, (awesome, had them for 22 odd years now, never changed)
and 50c bearings (been riding the same ones for 11 years now)

Thanks and hope this boosts the confidence of the makers of PP boards and those that wish to buy. GO GET A POWELL TODAY, YOU WON'T REGRET IT, GUARANTEED!!!

Thanks and kind regards,

— Andy “Candyman”

Just got the the Cab in the purple pearl. You out did yourself on this one. Man do I live that deck.

— Travis “PoppaShrek”

Hi guys, i`ve been trying to find the OST from the old video EIGHT, specially i`m crazy to know who plays the song that appears in the MIKE FRAZIER part, just at the start. I have both the video and the dvd an none info , can you please try to help me in my search?


— Victor Gallego

Over the last 25 years or so I've only skated a couple of P - P boards , Lance Mountain future primitive boards. I thought them to have been my favorites the company ever made, until recently. The Jesse Martinez tribute board is probably the best deck you guys have produced in quite awhile. Thank you. P.S. please bring back the 4 hole rib bones with the rat nuts, miss those a great deal. Enjoy the day!

— Wad “Waddeem” Martin

G'Day Guys,
As a child of the 80's, I grew up with 2 brands etched into my brain Powell Peralta and Morey Boogie. I'm happy to say that I still have my Tommy Guerrero skatie and my Mach 7-7 both of which my children now now ride. I recently pulled the deck grip off the Tommy to reveal the Powell logo that I hadn't seen since 87, I must admit I got a little emotional. Unfortunatley the bottom of the deck has lost all the art work but I plan on fixing it up and getting back on it. Cheers from Australia

— Gary “Ganoo”

Bring back the little monkey logo. That was one cool monkey.
Diapers rule!
Classic T shirt, deck, what ever.

— Dave “David Carroll” Carroll

Powell needs to get this guy Martin Fobes on the team from jackson MI!

— Addison Miller

Where the hell was Alan Gelfand at the Sundance Film festival? He needed to be interviewed with the other key members of the Bones Brigade. That my friends was a huge miss. What's up with that?

— Jeff Stebbins

Ok, so I'm a 33 year old who has been absent from the skate world for about 20 years. I was talking with an old friend and he had sent me some pics of us skating...I have been reborn ! As a proud husband and father of six kids now , I've picked up rite where I left off ! After several viewings of animal chin , I purchased the new cab mechanical dragon fitted with all the goodies ( rib, tail & jaw bone ) , some nice g bones , and have been attempting a lot of things I used to do ...(I'm alittle sketchy)!! I'm also attempting to collect every Powell peralta sticker ever produced ! I'm going to build a custom wood frame out of old decks , get some custom glass cut , and it will be the centerpiece of our home. I'm about one third complete...I think....I've also purchased a classic poster of the winged ripper w/ all the products on the back wich is hanging framed in our home now. Along w/ other old Powell peralta items. I am soo happy to be skating again ! It's like I'm living again. I'm soo STOKED on the stickers , I cannot wait until its complete ! I would like to have a complete list . If anyone could help w/ this ? Thank you , Powell peralta for all the old memories and all the ones to be made ...if only I would had held on to all those old decks !! -born again, CJ

— cJ “buck” Love

Took my wife to see the Bones Brigade movie at Hot Docs in Toronto. She loved it, and it brought back a flood of great memories for me.

Shortly after I spent an afternoon assembling my Mike Mcgill reissue with blue RatBones. I was smiling the whole time. Thanks.

— Peter “J” Hampton

Items 81-100 of 435

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Note: This page is for testimonials. For any other requests please use our contact form.