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Just got my a couple of the Bones Brigade reissues in the mail. Love them, thanks for going with the old school truck bolt pattern and the real squared off wheel wells. Thanks for putting the "reissue" below the top graphic, that way nobody get's duped into paying NOS prices for a reissue but the look great on the walls. While you have the old wheel well sanders fired up please, please, please do a proper reissue of the Vato Rat and the Ripper. I'd gladly pay $99.99 for a couple top notch reissues of those decks, I'm sure a lot of other guys would too. P.S. - Screen them instead of the sublimate graphics, charge another $25 dollars or so and the old guys (like me) will be throwing our money at you.

— Terry

I just want to start off by saying thank you to the whole Powell Peralta team and crew. I use to skateboard when I was 12 years old up to about 15, but when I was 16 I tore the cartilage in my left knee. Needless to say, I stopped skating. I am 21 now, and for those 5 years, I didn't skate, but I watched so many videos of skaters who inspired me in the first place, Steve Caballero being one of them, and it made me miss skating so much. And about a month ago, with the help of my local skate shop, I purchased a Ray Rodriguez Skull & Sword reissue and hopped back on. And it feels amazing to be back! I'm far from as good as I use to be, and I've been falling more than I use to, but I have this company to thank to inspire me and motivate me enough to drop back into a pool. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me keep the kid inside me alive and strong.

— J.T. Acosta

I have a Powell-Peralta Medallion Tony Hawk skateboard that I love. I threw on some reverse freestyle wheels and got a couple of world records last week. This board is a tank and is built to last and I dig the shape. It is my bread and butter and go to board when I need to throw down. I feel very confident when riding this vintage board at high speeds. To see it in action on Nov. 25th, 2012 Denver, Colorado with (Danny Cisneros) setting: ( 2 world records in handstand skateboarding.)
35 miles an hour and 0.8 of a mile, lasting two minutes. CINEMATIC PRODUCTIONS LLC is the link. Enjoy
Danny Cisneros ( MY FAVORITE BOARD )

— Danny Cisneros

I'm 17 and I have skated on and off for the past 10 years I have always considered myself as an old school skater. And with the Powell Peralta Caballero street on my huge independent trucks sitting on some black G bones I love it. I'm coming back to this brand every time for the rest of my life.

— zachary “ZAKK” Demrest

Ladies and Gents at Powell,

I was feeling somewhat nostalgic this morning, and had the sudden impulse to build an old deck, which I loved and subsequently road to dust as a young man. The board was a Powell Hotel, but I see (apparently) that you no longer make this model. I wanted to double check however, to make sure, and also to see if you might reccomend a deck of a similar design. Thank you for whatever response you can provide.

— Jake

Powell rocks!

— James Bowles

Came across a vintage 1991 Steve Caballero Motorcycle Dragon skateboard deck. Trick is, this deck is black with a red dragon. I have never seen one of these, not even on the internet. Just wanted to know a little bit about the skateboard history that I now hold.

— Rick

My Thoughts and Prayers go out to Mr.Peralta and his Family.

— James Monsalve

Will you please reissue the Ray Bones Snubnose again? I would love to set one up and ride it. I always wanted a beamer too. Thanks.

— mark Conahan

My name is Kevin LeBlanc, I an 39 years old, My first board was in 1985, it was a blue Tony Hawk board, gullwings, and vision shedder wheels. I remember this, because I work my butt off all summer to buy it. I was 12 years old. I had a lot of Powell decks after that,but that was my favorite board. This also was the same year my father died. For my 40th birthday all I wanted was a mint Tony Hawk Board. Today my dreams came true!!! along with the Mullen, and Tommy deck. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you Powell Peralta. I think I'm going to cry!

— Kevin “peppy” LeBlanc, engineer

Yesterday i saw the premiere of the film Bones Brigade, here in Brazil and found aewesome.
I just wonder one thing. Where is the movie VCJ? He is a key player in building the image of the Bones Brigade along with the skaters. The image of skaters is fully associated with the shapes and designs of their shirts. That's it. I missed VCJ in the documentary. But it's a great film that I will treasure. Thank you :)

— bricio “kongo estudio” dias,

hey PP,
long time love.
-with the BB doc and re-release of boards and shirts, why is there no shirt re-issue for tony hawk's classic graphic? thought maybe he owned the rights to the graphic, or something. however you guys re-released the board, so... why no shirt?!?!?!?!?

thanks for everything,

— colton “colton brown” brown

Basically, Powell's are definitely the number one choice when it comes to my deck. When I want a good solid made deck with great pop I go to Powell, and not only does it have great pop but the pop lasts longer than any other brand I've skated. The ligament feature is nice so you don't go doing the splits and breaking your balls. Thanks Powell for making superb skateboard decks.

— Kevin “Ellen” Crow, The Edge Portage, Michigan

My skateboard back in the 80s was the Guerrero Flaming board. My seven year old just told me he wants a skateboard. I told him Powell Peralta.

— matt carlton

Hey!! I just wanted to say i still have my Bucky Lasek deck. Its almost in mint condition just scuff on one of the edges, only had trucks on it and was never ridden.. i was about ten when i got it. that was in 86 i think.. found it at my dads place this summer. ahh the good old days. i'm just gunna hang it on the wall..

— Danny

I've been a skater since the 70s. My first board was a craptastic piece of plastic. I watched pro skaters like Stacy and fell in love with Powell-Peralta immediately. My father was also in aerospace like George Powell. I purchased & tried to put Bones on that crappy board and failed miserably. I recently sold a Santa Cruz Classic Face (Rob Roskopp) Cruiser Board. This reminded me of my roots & I started rebuilding a Hobie Board with Powell Mini Logo Bearings & Powell Oval Dragon Wheels. I am two years older than The BIRDMAN to THE DAY! I can't wait to finish my rebuild and skate this refurbished board with Powell wheels & bearings, Pig Pile Risers, Shorty's Hardware and a decent Hobie Deck. When I saw that George & Stacy reunited I was CraZy for the new things they could do.

— George “Slick”

I just wanted to tell you guys what an inspiration you are. A friend of mine was a super fan and pretty decent skateboarder. He was in a horrific car accident about eight years ago and lost the ability to walk; let alone skateboard.

He ordered the new Bones Brigade movie and he made me watch the trailer for it today. As I was watching it over the phone with him, I could hear him beginning to tear up and he just kept saying, "Those guys changed my life.'

I know you have a lot of super fans out there, I just wanted to let you know you have the awesome ability to bring a 37 year old man to tears still.


— Nicole Ice, Pants Productions


With your graphic "Hydrant Dragon" you scored a bullseye. We are so stoked to see a unique graphi these days. Tell VCJ: Well done after he tried to get into the game on the Hoffart model. The "Jesse Tribute" is a good one too, but the dragon beats it by miles.

It`s so delightful to see new unique graphics coming from Powell & Peralta. We thought we would never be so hyped again after the 1st Barbee and Hill graphic were released- Instant classics.

Is there any chance that you`ll print the Hydrant Dragon masterpiece on a piece of cotton in form of a shirt and (or) hoddie? Would be so cool!!!!

Again: very well done- cheers for making some olt farts happy with a proper graphic.

Your mates from F.F.L. zine

— F.F.L. zine, F.F.L. zine

Hi from Oz old school sl8er loves the Bones brigade style hold the fort keep the god dame raccoon out of my truck

— Antony “Greenant” Moratti

Today I tattooed the side of my head with the winged ripper logo of yours. My first board was from mcgills and was a powell board with that logo and still to this day skate powell boards. I live by the skate or die motto and always will. Please send mee a link I would love to send u guys a picture or even a photo shoot for an ad for you guys. Thanks for alays being the best board company a skater could want

— william “skinny” mishalanie

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