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I started skating when I was 13. The first quality board my parents got me was a Tony Hawk "Claw" deck for my birthday and I remember sitting in my room and just staring at it, still in the shrink wrap, for about 3 hours straight. The graphic was so beautiful I almost couldn't bring myself to ride it. Needless to say, I kitted it out with rib bones, a jaw bone and tail bone and rode the hell out of it. I'm now 35 and even though I've owned and smashed more boards than I can remember, I still have that very same Hawk board and like a classic car, I bring it out and ride it from time to time (people say I'm crazy as it's now considered a collectors item). After almost 20 years it still has the pop and rigidity like I only bought it yesterday. A testament to quality and craftsmanship that in my opinion is second to none.

— Brad

u guys ripp!! awsome decks!!! still wish 4 my ray bones rodiquez brite lite snub nose (green) 1978...deck! im 43 in a couple of days!! that deck would go 2 my grave if had one again!

— winchester skate park

My name is Brandon Buchanan, I am 36 years old, and I wanted to share a quick story with you all. Here is a link to the pic of my tattoo for reference:

Really the only homage to Powell and the Bones Brigade is the Tony Hawk deck, but it has a sentimental story to it. I grew up skating all the Bones Brigade decks, wish I still had them all. There was one deck though that I never had and that was the 1987 (I think?) Tony Hawk deck, the one where the nose of the board was shaped a little bit differently (sort of bottle neck) than the ones that you guys are reissuing on the Bones Brigade site. For some reason I was super scared to buy that board, afraid that the other kids would make fun of me because all of their boards had the standard shape in the nose. I look back now and think about how lame I was to even care if they made fun of me. I have always hoped that one day I would meet Tony or have an opportunity to own one of these amazing boards! I wanted that board SO BAD… but never got it. Fast Forward to 2012, I specifically chose that board to be permanently a part of my life by getting it tattooed on my arm where I can look at it every day. I could only dream to one day own one of those exact decks, but they are SUPER hard to find and if they are available they are so outrageously priced that I just can't afford it. I have a wife and 3 kids and some major school debt to pay off so luxuries like this are way down on the priority list… bummer. But, at least I can look at that board every day and dream right?!

Anyway, I was super stoked on the tattoo, thought you guys might like to see it and read a little story. It has already been added to the tattoo album on facebook. The tattoo artist who did the piece is john caleb and you can follow his work here: he is an amazing artist!

Anyway, all of that to find out if you are planning to re-issue these decks or if you have any laying around? I would be super stoked to own one!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.


— Brandon Buchanan

This all came along at the right time for me. At 41 Im still surfing but no longer skate. Watching the BB video was the greatest thing. I've avoided skateboarding for years now in order to stay healthy and surf. but I feel like I can be a fan of skateboarding again without actually being a skater.
Its fun to own a classic Powell Peralta skateboard even if the only trick i do is get the mail. so glad these products are back and unlike the old days I can get a deck without destroying it in 6 months. Thanks stacy and The BB for presenting a solid, fun,enduring image of 80's skating.
Can you guys produce some small but detailed BB graphics that they could be used for homemade finger boards? ala Lance Mountain. By the way Lance, your a true boardsports stylist then and now. loved the Fronside invert to ladder and jumping the ladder! Just like the old days rewind stop rewind stop. Take care of yourselves, its worth it!

— Matthew “Matthew Thompson” Thompson

I started riding skateboards when I was five with a roller derby clay wheeled board and have been riding ever since. In the late 70’s I went to my first skate park, the concrete connection in Charlotte,NC and that was where I purchased my first REAL skateboard. The first deck I got was a Powell Peralta britelite in orange. The next two were the alan gelfand (tank) and latter the vato rat deck. I hung onto these decks for years but they were stolen out of my car in the late 90’s. Since the re-issues of the pig decks I have gotten back to skating and skate everyday weather permitting. I have five decks I ride and about twenty five I have collected. I just got the full set of the bones brigade decks last week and was blown away. I was going to add them to my collection but have decided to set up the Hawk and Guerrero with the indy stage 11 trucks and some old rat bones 2 wheels I’ve been hanging onto. I hope you all will keep up the re-issues and even do some decks like the old beamers and britelites in the original shapes. At age 48 I plan to skate as long as I possibly can so thanks for bringing the old days back! P.S. Thanks for bringing the wheels wells back–nice touch!

— Craig Hutcheson

Hello, My name is Ryan Phillips I am 10 years old and from Orlando, FL. I am writing you today to let you know how much you have inspired my skate career I have only been skating since August 2, 2012. I skate Vert nothing excites me more then the Half Pipe and the bowls. In my short time of skating my instructor and people that see me ride say I am a Natural and have great skills, I will only skate your decks people call me "The Powell Kid" I have seen your movies Dogtown is my favorite but the Bones Bergade Biography really inspired me to keep trying and giving it my all. Steve is one of the best skaters in my opinion I hope that one day I will get to meet you all or get a deck signed. My dream is to become and PRO and get to ride for such a great team such as yours. I hope that this message will reach you and perhaps you could check out my facebook and see all my tricks. I wish you and the team well and hope to hear back from you. Thank you for reading, Ryan Phillips :)

— Ryan Phillips

My first pro deck was a Mike McGill. I rode the color and wood layers off that deck until I was able to buy a Ray Barbee, then I rode the hell out of that deck. Powell Peralta will always be synonymous with my youth...or vice versa. Love you guys and THANKS!

— Jay “Jay” Tillery, Tillery Worldwide, LLC

I loved using your boards when I was younger. I'm now 32 and have not skated in years but I still love skating. I just seen the documentary Bones Brigade, I loved it!!!! It made me laugh, cry and happy. I just wanted to give you some feed back. I usually don't do this so I hope this isn't unnoticed. Skate Or Die, Curt Detman PS: Thanks for bringing some fun into mine and my friends childhoods :)

— Curt “Ol Dirty” Detman

Dear Powell-Peralta,
I started Skating around 1974. Bought a Skull and Sword (green with purple cubics,indy 131s, purple rails, nose and tail-bones) Still have it. I hadn't really skated since around 1990 until 2 years ago at the age of 47 I decided to take it up again. I went to the one local shop that sells your boards and picked up a Cab pinstripe dragon. It's a great board. I was recently please to see that you guys are advertizing again in the mags. Keep up the good work and I'll do my best to prmote your products.

— Dave Haviland

I recently found the Bones Brigade Autobiography on Netflix. I remembered every bit of what was talked about in it because I grew up at that time on a skateboard, trying to do everything they did. Thank you for the flash back and it has made me want to get a board again.

Something I noticed in the movie was that there was a Bones Brigade shirt that said BONES on the back and under each letter it had the sign from (ASL) American Sign Language under it. I would like to know if this shirt is still made as I really want now. I have a daughter that is deaf and I thought the idea of the shirt is really cool.

— Jason

I ordered and received your ripper Christmas ornament and was wondering how you got the graphic on the ornament? It doesn't seem like a sticker. Was it screen printed or was some sort of stencil used for it? The detail in the graphic is awesome!!! I'm making Christmas ornaments myself and very interested in the process you guys used for it. Thanks!

— Jamie Randolph

I recently found the Bones Brigade Autobiography on Netflix. I remembered every bit of what was talked about in it because I grew up at that time on a skateboard, trying to do everything they did. Thank you for the flash back and it has made me want to get a board again.

Something I noticed in the movie was that there was a Bones Brigade shirt that said BONES on the back and under each letter it had the sign from (ASL) American Sign Language under it. I would like to know if this shirt is still made as I really want now. I have a daughter that is deaf and I thought the idea of the shirt is really cool.

— Jason

Riding Powell since the 80's !!! Shredding on the new Bartie currently. Great shape and amazing ripper... keep the steez flowing Chad.

— Joel King

Just want to give Powell Peralta many props and a huge thank you to the entire operation!! At age 13 I received my first McGill deck for Christmas my single mother worked two jobs to acquire for me. Growing up my skate friends became my family. Skated to age 17 and by then had 15 or so Powell boards. I absolutely love the re-issue decks and my wife surprised my with the Powell Peralta complete dvd set with the new documentary. Although I don't skate much these days, the decks bring back a since of satisfaction and great memories. We even planned a trip this summer to come see where all the magic happens at the powell Peralta factory. Not really sure how that works, I guess I will call and ask if it is at all possible to maybe take a few moments to look around. We are coming to that area the week of July 13-19 and would so much love to see what started some of the BEST years of my life. Thanks for all the unbelievable products still producing 30 years later! GOD BLESS everyone at POWELL PERALTA!

— Matt Martone

40 now, grew up most of my life in Arizona skated every day no matter how hot it got. Launch ramps, half pipes that we barrowed wood from new home construction sites to build, pools(vacant homes), backsides of grocery stores, dry name it we skated it. We tagged the skull and cross bones on everything! This documentary brings it all back and as others have said unbelievable memories. Everyone has their eras but for those who grew up in this age of innovation in doesn't get any better. The youngster make me smile and there are some good skaters today....but the true greats were Bones Brigade!! Stacy your frickin awesome and I love your passion..keep pushing...bring it all back! Do a tour with the legends, have them do whatever to whatever capacity they can and then do a great big meet and greet....drink some wine and talk about the old days. Thank you for this bit of all of our history. Skate or die!

— Tim “Nallzout”

I love your company and the V.C.J. graphics I'm a younger of our fans but I wonder are you ever going to reissue the Nordic skull boards?

— Tadgh “Deck”

Back in 1987, I was 14 during a family vacation and I saw a group of skaters in South Padre Island and I was pretty interested, next year I got a copy of the Future Primitive video and that was the begining of everything that change my life. My hometown is in southern Mexico, in the east coast, a place called Veracruz and every body travel to the US border for shopping on holidays, when I turned 15 I bought my first deck, I still have it hanging on my wall, a Tommy Guerrero deck, other guys, you know, those friends from a friend, also bought Powell Peralta decks, soon we were 7 friends, all of them riding only Powell Peralta boards, one of us lived in front of the Zaragoza Park, so we called the Zaragoza Brigade, pretty soon we started a whole skater movement in the town, later we moved to play in rock bands, went to college, married, have kids, etc. A couple of years ago, I went to visit my old friend who lived in front of the park, but he wasn't there so I seat in a park bench and I started to remember stuff, when somebody, I didn't recognize him, started to talk to me about the old days, he seems to know everything about the ZB and its members, it made feel good. Last year I started to play again in a band and for fun and nostalgy I bought a couple of T shirts and suddenly everything started all over again, we got together as a band again, playing in local clubs, still wearing my new, old designs, Powell Peralta T Shirts, who might say that this brand will make my friends for a lifetime and reunite them with me after 10 years, thanks for every thing, I really mean it.

— Jorge “El Indio” Alvarez, Zaragoza Brigade

Back somewhere around 1986 when I was 16 years old, I saved up enough money to leave the poser world of crappy Nash skateboards behind and went to my local skate shop to set up my very first board from the ground up. It was a silver Per Welinder with Tracker trucks and Santa Cruz Slimeballs and Bones Swiss bearings. God I loved that was f#cking beautiful! And growing up without a ton of money in a small town with nothing much to do, it was my most prized possession...Powell-Peralta was the putting out the best boards and sporting the best skaters...the Bones Brigade were our idols! Life was good!
I tell you that to tell you this: Today I'm 43 and still love to skate, just now, its on my long board cruising parking garages and neighborhood hills. I also now have an 8 year son who is showing interest in skating and is finally kicking around on the crummy starter board I got him for Christmas from Target a year or so ago, so its getting close to time to get him a new board. I couldn't think of any better reason to also get myself a new "classic" ride so I can enjoy some skating with my boy...I've never been a big fan of the boards that most kids are skating these days...(I guess you can call it old school or maybe just old). So I've been looking through all of the re-issues and old-school decks and I can't seem to find a Per Welinder deck anywhere?? Well, I found one guy selling a few for $499.00 !?! WTF??? Not sure if I get it? I'd kill to get my hands on a Per Welinder to set up and skate, but clearly not for $500 bucks! Just wanted to know what you can tell me about my options and the story behind the Per Welinder decks and re-issues. I still plan to set up a Powell-Peralta retro board for kicking around with the boy, but I thought I'd ask you guys what was up....I dig the Cab Chinese Dragon and the Cab Street re-issues and I'm sure for what I'd be skating with it, it would be just fine, but there is just something about that Per Welinder that I can't get over! Thanks for making great boards and products for so many years.

— Mike “Scratch” Scarborough

Please tell Stacy and the whole Bones Brigade Crew.. Many Thanks for Creating The Bones Brigade AutoBio... I'm 45 now and quite honestly didn't know about it until I came accross it on Netflix last night.. I was in aw of all the stories, my friends and I must have watched the original 100 times or more.. It was great to see the whole gang and what they look like and to hear their stories as well as Stacy's.. It brought back many many good memories...My four year old was watching with me and I said you know All your shoes say Tony Hawk! Thats him! It was really interesting to find out that Stacy actually groomed this team, most us didn't know that we thought these guys just met at competitions and became buddies and got to skate all day. Seems like yesterday.... I've owned all those boards at one time or another.

Stacy says in the movie that he's embarrased by a lot of people when they say they liked the movies- I live in Sacramento and had to move to Montana with my dad for two years and to me and all the kids who live in places away from Cali.. I SAW FIRST HAND THESE VIDEOS WERE ALL THESE KIDS AND SKATERS HAD, TO SEE WHAT IS OUT THERE, TO LEARN TRICKS FROM AND TO SEE WHAT IS POSSIBLE OUT SIDE THEIR AREA! TO US THESE WERE THE COOLIST MOVIES EVER... AND YES WE DID RE INACT THE MOVIE and tried to be like Lance etc... SO AGAIN A BIG THANKS!!! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO PUT THIS TOGETHER! Warmest Regards,

— Rob Wiley, Wiley Fine Homes & Esates

I was on Netflix the other day and I ran across the bones brigade movie. Of coarse I watch it and it was teenage years all over again. I started skating in 84-85 and that movie bought back such amazing memories. My brother and I skated everyday to school the store wherever. I had a mountain and my bro had a cab. I just wanted to thank you for making the bio picture. Bravo sir
I might pickup a reissue mountain board and ride again at 42 years old, is that wrong?

— Wayne Chapman

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