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I been skating a flight deck and I love it. It skates incredibly well and also didn't break the bank and it keeps skating and has lasted very well and still hasn't broken yet is still going strong where as my other decks would have broke by now and if they did I would not care at this point cause I got my value out of it but yeah this board is still going strong. and there is also something about the O.G. Powell shape and design that skates very well on just a superior level of quality not just in terms of durability but also skate ability that I remember as a kid and still in my 30's. I also like the graphics and colors on it kinda reminds me of a phoenix. I got the red 8.0 I love it. This is quality you can only get from a long time of experience in the industry and a dedication to quality, Thanks you and much respect!

— Kason “Kellstrom” Kellstrom, Kason Kellstrom Professional I.T. Services

I grew up in Goleta in the 1970s-1980s. In 1980? at a long gone board shop in Calle Real, I bought a blue and yellow skull and sword board, complete with yellow bones on tracker trucks. It had white nose guard, grip rails, skid plate, and truck grind protectors. I grew up with that board, riding around town, through concrete drainages, and in the bowls at long gone Golf & Stuff (where the auto dealerships are now near La Cumbre plaza.) I kept the board into adulthood and gave it to my son, Hunter, when he started skating and riding. Although he had other modern boards, and became quite the long boarder, he always loved the skull and sword. The years have shown their wear (it’s 40 years old now). He’s 24 and in chiropractic college now, but was home for a few weeks because of Covid-19. We took the opportunity to give the board a facelift! We taped off the original skull and bones, and the original skid plate, painted it krylon candy shimmer metallic blue razz (nearly identical to the original color), removed the tape, and put few coats of clear coat over the whole thing. Then we slapped on your retro grip tape (differs from original which was yellow dragon over blue), and he put on his favorite set of longboard trucks and wheels. It looks awesome, we’re super proud. He took it back to school, but has plans on passing it down to his son someday. Do you have an email so I can send you some pictures? Goleta local forever!

— Jeff Pietrzak

I just recently got into skateboarding about 5 weeks ago and I just wanted to reach out and say you guys got some of the coolest skate supplies I've seen! The boards have some of the most unique drawings and designs! Planning on purchasing the flight deck and some other boards, along with some clothes when I get the money. I'm waiting on a hoodie/shirt with the logo you have now on it! By far the best skating company I came across so far love your stuff, keep up the great work!

— Dale Kassick

i just wanted to thank y'all for you great wheels and pool boards.

— Drake Jordan, Believe Boardshop

Ordered quite a few things on a Friday morning. Shipped same day. Outstanding turn around. I don't know of too many companies that can do that. Skate 1 products are not only functional, but look great and perform as promised.
Considering I am a big fan of nostalgia, there are lots of great items here that are great for display to take you back in time, or can be used for hard core shredding. Many thanks to George and Stacy, and all of the Skate 1 folks who help keep us rolling along.

— Greg “Greg” Clark

Hello, this is Frank Kelly, from Atlanta GA. I am writing this email in hopes that it somehow reaches Steve Caballero,
who captured my admiration 20++ years ago...but so recently and I am sure unknowingly I doubt he will recall me or the brief encounter...but I will never forget, as it has greatly enhanced my life, the lives of all my children (all 5 of them ranging from 3-13), my love and even our nanny and closest friends.
As a kid, I lived and breathed skating...but the last 20 something years, career, circumstance and kids took front and center and it wasn't until this recently fading summer when I bought my 2nd oldest child(daughter Rowyn age 12) a longboard for her bday that I realized I had completely forgotten how much I loved to ride. a week later I found myself building a street board (Lance Mountain but looking for a Caballero) while I was in the skate shop in Charlotte NC, we were invited to an art show they were throwing nearby and Steve Caballero was supposed to drop in and even though we had plans to do other things that evening,..I wanted to meet Steve! We spoke for about 20-30 min and I realized something that I had never considered in my youth. This was not a superhero (well that is not entirely true) this was a regular person...just like myself...his life was so centered around his kids, faith and profession. Very Humble, very easy to talk to despite the crowds of people (I wondered if they realized this was an ICON and a Legend) as a father of so many kids (of the 5, my tow oldest daughters age 12 and 13.5, mother disappeard and never heard from since when they were 3 and 4.5 and have been with me everyday since). It dawned on me that all three of us all had started skating some (more my 12 year old and I)
and maybe I needed to try and make it a family activity with all of the kids...just like Caballero!!
Now a little over a month later we all have longboards and street boards and pads, brainbuckets and even a mini-half pipe in the garage. I told them the story about PP and the Bones Brigade and how many of the greatest had grown up with diversity just like them...and my oldest daughter even pointed out one afternoon when her schoolwork was incomplete and she could not go out for what we call the "evening shred" that she was disappointed she could not go because it is the only thing we all do together as a family that was fun for all of us, even the little ones.
At that moment, I realized that divine intervention, a plank with wheels on it and primarily the inspiration I gained from just those minutes talking to relationship and QT with my kids has become such a priority...since, I can barely keep myself in my office past 4pm...before this inspiration I would work too late and sometimes even missed dinner with the kids. but not anymore!
In Short...I want Steve to know that he had such a huge impact on me as a kid and now (nearing 40 soon) has become an inspiration and a HERO in our household. We love looking up his videos (new and old) and his social media updates with his family and kids all bonding like we do (although we are not as skilled...but improving) I tried to find a way to let him know how much of a positive impact he has had and hopefully this can trickle down to him somehow.
Utmost appreciation to you Steve!! and to Powell-Peralta.
Warmest Regards,
Frank, Emmy, Rowyn Sam, Pudge, Owen, Katie, Naimah, Kahlil and Colin. (the scabbed squadron)
Riding Powell-Peralta since 1986...and still

— Frank “DAD...DAD...DAD...DAAAAD!!” Kelly

I own many skateboards. And have had dozens over my lifetime. I have to say that my ray bones re-issue with Powell min cubics. Is by far the best deck I have in the old school class. The feel is just so far beyond anything else I have experienced. I was given a ray bones for my thirteenth birthday in 1980. I loved it and rode it into dust.
The re-issue is perfect in shape and strength. It looks cool and rides even better. Great product. Great company.
Thank you
Mikee sk8rat

— Mikee “Skaterat” Sutz, Skate til u die

I started skateboarding down in Panama (Central America) as a child in the 80s on a Lance Mountain Extra Though model, then passed to the 7 Ply model. Now 38 years old and after watching the Bones Brigade movie, I realised how much I missed skateboarding, so have gone out and ordered a couple of decks to introduce my children to skateboarding. Thank you Powell Peralta for a good job and allowing an Old School guy to share his youth years with his children.
Aldo Ferrufino

— Aldo Ferrufino

Hello , My name is mike , I live in maryland , I've been skating since 1986 . I grew up with the bones brigade making skateboard history and I believe it was the raddest time ever for skateboarding and powell peralta was the centerpiece of the entire image that skateboarding was back then . I do have one question / request , I spoke to chuck treece ( through Facebook ) afew years ago searching for all mcrads music for the older P/P videos and he told me that powell peralta has all the rights to all that great music now . So I guess my question(s) are this ...
1. Are you selling any of that music ?
2. If so , then were can I find it ?
3. If not please make the music available some where , I'm sure besides myself would love to drive down the roads listening to so songs again, I for one think about it all the time . I'll pay almost any amount for those songs . I you could please respond to this email I would greatly appreciate it . Thank you again for all the great memories then , now and later
Mike Grace

Hi Mike,

Thanks for asking. We made a CD, Bones Brigade Video Tunes a few years back. You can find it here You can also purchase it, and individual songs from it on iTunes.

— Mike

GreatTanks for both treets and candy at the same time !!!!
I can only hope that i can cheer all of you at sweet Powell plant up like you've liven me up when i saw the data on the fifth release bottleneck 10,4 wide ,saying yes and whow!
I whould surly make sure to get about 10 pcs Hawk a lot of the new fifth relase so keep up the nicest work and great thanks from the bottom of our oldscoolers hearts!
Yours devoted Johan (homealarm)Rundgren.

— Johan “The Homealarm guy” Rundgren, a swedish customer

After GOIN to Trigger bros surf n skate in Frankston Victoria Australia on Saturday and SEEIN the original POWELL PERALTA deck I got for my tenth b-day in 1988 26Years ago.So I walks into Trigger bros Surf n Skate on Saturday the 4-10-2014 I saw my new deck n I'm GETTIN it today/Only been waitin eight years to get onto a FUKIN good deck again n I'm GETTIN a Tony HAWKE POWELL PERALTA with independant TRUKS slik STIK rails n Aqua Blue POWELL PERALTA classics Wheels.NOW THATS HOW U MAKE A FUKIN DECK!!!


i have an 1991 vert hawk its a little beat up but a great board every time i start to feel like my worlds falling down around my ears i go out and cruse on it and it makes every thing feel like it will turn out its a peace of my past and will be with me for years to come and i hope that skateboards can keep inspyering people for years to come.

— michael doherty

Been skating PP products since my first TH Iron Cross board in '82. Just picked up a new McGill Snakeskin deck. Great deck! Just about the perfect combo of size ( I am 43, 5'10 and weigh 200 pounds ), concave and wheelbase. Graphics are awesome. Keep up the good work PP. Make Mine Powell - Peralta!

— Dale Schultz

Hello my name is Brett, I am 24 years old and this last year has been rough. Growing up from a kid to high school skateboarding was a big part of my life. In fact my dad gave me my first board and that was a modern skull and sword. I was not amazing at skateboarding but none the less love it. In my senior year I was able to do tricks I never thought I could do. I was at a crossroads and wanted to go to college and be responsible and unfortunately put away skateboarding. Nothing ever seem right no matter how hard I tried I fell short. Last year was a true testament to my faith and brought me back to my father in my home state of Florida. My life was a mess and I lack the will to believe in anything. One day decided to clean out my dads old shed and found one of his old fish tail boards all worn and torn, but still in one piece and still rides it today. It reminded me of all the VHS and X games I watch as a kid of Rodney, Tony, Steve, Lance, Mike, and Tommy hoping one day I want to be as good as them. I went on the internet to find an Autobiography on The Bones Brigade. That video reminded me of something great I left in my life. I am back to skateboarding fill there is hope of fulfillment in my life, despite my short comings. Rodney, Tony, Steve, Lance, Mike, and Tommy you have all played a important part of helping me though a rough part of my life. If I could I would thank you all, instead I am putting my heart and soul towards my passion, thank you so much for helping me through this tough time in my life. Forever Powell-Peralta!

— Brett Anderson, D&S Residential

I am 40 yrs. old and just bought a new board last year to try to get back to my "youth" and skating days. I started skating at the age of 12 in 1986 and can clearly remember to this day running to the local movie store to rent the newest Powell and Peralta "vcr " taped skate video. My brother, friends, and I would sit and watch the videos and then go out and try these narly tricks that we just watched in this skate video. Just hanging out with friends on the weekends and skating what ever we came across. We also had these 1/4 pipe ramps set up in an old closed down TG&Y parking lot where all the "skaters" in the town would hang out and skate, listen to music and just hang out on the weekends. Powell and Peralta skate videos planted a seed in me that lives on in me today even at the age of 40. Thank you for doing something that at the time was not the "in thing" and making this sport into what we know it as today. I have talked to many new young generation skaters about how skating was in the mid 80's and some get a little jealous to what we had then and some of the "old school" stories. Powell and Peralta will forever live inside me and holds a special place in my life and heart...........Brian "Twin" Cannon

— Brian Cannon

i am in the middle of watching the bones brigade auto-biography. i have been crying for 1.25 hours. the bones brigade movement saved my life.i see that this biography is psychologically healing for those who can grasp it, as well as historical. you have done such a good job. i was 14 in 1985 , and have never stopped shredding. you planted a seed in me that has grown more beautiful than anything else in my life. here is a video i made in 2013. i do the sloppy-joe in the intro, which i learned from your brigade. i was 42 years old when i made it. thank you so much for what you have done in countless lives.
forever greatful, -josh mosh

— josh “josh mosh” crockett

Hi, my name is Ryan. I am 14 years old and have had skating in my life for a while. I skated on and off since I was 7 but within the past year have work very hard on my skills hoping one day to be sponsored by my favorite skate company, Powell Peralta. I have always had an interest in this company since I was 6 when I found my mom’s origin VHS tape of "Future Primitive" and I decided to watch it, and boy did that video change my life. Watching Tommy Guerrero with his old school style street run and then the transition to the huge airs of Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill and Lance Mountain, then the amazing freestyle skills of Rodney Mullen made me realize how special skateboarding is. At the time, I had no idea who any of them where or even that the movie was made by you. Later I became interested into 70's style skating and the careers or Tony Alva, Jay Adams and the one and only Stacey Peralta, that's when I came across Powell-Peralta and realized that you where the ones who created the beautiful piece of skateboarding history that my parents watched during their teens. I have watched the Bones brigade documentary at least 16 times and watched all of the origin Bones Brigade videos many times over (my favorites are Animal Chin and of course Future Primitive). I own a Tommy Guerrero reissued dagger deck and have encouraged many of my friends to help me revive old school vert tricks and style. I am currently waiting for you to bring back the graffiti ripper boards (hope that is soon) and am thinking of buying another reissued deck. Anyway, I would like to let you know that I love how much history you have with skateboarding and you will always be my favorite company and I hope one day to meet the amazing Stacey Peralta and the talented original members of the Bones Brigade.

— Ryan “80's Boy” Ferace, Local Skate Team and huge fan

My name is Alexandre and I am writing to say that I'm 43, I am Brazilian city of São Paulo.
And in 1984 I lived in San Francisco in the U.S. for treatment for diabetes, am diabetic since he was 8 months old, arriving in San Francisco I was amazed because I always wanted to visit California. I made my appointments at the California Hospital giving all right to treatment, so much so that I am alive today. But I want to emphasize that what keeps me alive and very happy today and hopefully for a long time that I met in CALIFA as we speak here in BRAZIL and I am fanatic until now called POWELL PERALTA, and more directly, SATCE PERALTA, GEORGE POWELL, STEVE CABALLERO , TONY HAWK, LANCE MOUNTAIN, MIKE MCGILL, TOMY GERRERO, RODYNEI MUTY MULLEN, and all BONES Brigades. I still have my Caballero Model 1984/85 saved, just like a model that Steve Caballero wore at the time I rode the same. Thanks for making me a better person.

— Alexandre “Alex” Incontri

Poor me I'm a Victim.
Iraq. Afghanistan.
Suffering from guilt. Why him, and not me?
Nothing brought content, no goal sufficient.
Bones Brigade, an autobiography...
I have since realized who made me what I am. I reflected on who I was. I now know what, and, who I am.
I was nurtured through the toughest of times with Ripper Logo's, and Cabalerio's. My Father dying at 7 sent me into a frenzy. You saved me. You gave me a direction and guidance. I fell Victim to the War. I was there, I was one of them. I know the Brotherhood Stacey was searching for, I get it.
Please know that what you did does matter. It helped me regain my Identity from them.
Tony, Steve, Lance, Mike, Rodney & Tommy. I owe you fuckers. Please understand I can't afford the dues...
I will be there if the opportunity does ever arise. I am the Crazy guy on the east, that has been a successful Marine, Parent, Entrepreneur, and Student. While in Ramadi, Iraq, I planned fictional runs on a mini-ramp to get to sleep, You made a difference, and thank you. PTSD is curable, Its called Skateboarding

— William “Jeff” Marshall

This is honestly my first board that wasnt a long board and so far my new Blacklight Skull & Sword is the smoothest board ive ever rode im starting to get into competitions and its holding up great compared to most of the other guy's boards I couldnt be happier with it

— Tyler Hassey

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