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As the youngest of three brothers, all of whom skated, we used to share boards around and skate on the footpath outside of our family home, looking for that dip in the concrete and those perfect spots of loose sand/dirt to do some little slides on, nothing fancy, just kids having a bunch of fun.
I got into my mid teens (mid to late 90s) and the modern day boards came out with the different set-up and gear and general aesthetic . I moved into that whilst still keeping my old boards. While the skateboard was my mode of transport I still enjoyed it immensely, but I noticed my friends were all treating it differently than when we were kids - We all had new boards and they all wanted to do kick-flips and a lot of the modern day trickery. Which I could, and still can appreciated the modern day approach to the sport but I just always loved to cruise and get low to the ground and feel the concrete rushing by under my 70mm wheels. So like any teen who feels like he's not advancing in something and feels like an utter stooge because he cant pop the board up and flip it as well as my peers, I inevitably moved away from skateboarding.
15 to 20 years down the track I'm now 27 years old and I've gotten back into it. Purely to cruise the streets and get from A to B and have a hell of a lot of fun while doing it.
Due to my love of older boards I recently searched through my parents garage looking for some of those old 80s/early-90s boards to little or no luck. EXCEPT! The only one that remained was my eldest bros Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade board with Gull Wing trucks and red Kryptonic 70mm urethane wheels that would spin for minutes in the air when boasting how good they were to your mates.
I've cleaned it up as best I can and removed some artwork that one of my brothers took liberty to spray paint on the bottom when we were teens but I couldn't restore it to its original artwork unfortunately (I couldn't find this Bones Brigade board online anywhere, no photos or anything. Does anyone recall this board?).
Still, it rides as good as it always did and I'm loving being back out there and remembering what it was like when I was a little dude just doing it for the love of it.

Thanks Powell - Peralta for the quality and for the memories!

— MS

Used to skate on an '86 Tony Hawk board back in the 80's when I was a kid with all my neighborhood friends, we'd watch Animal Chin every day on VHS, now I'm 30, and bought a few boards again and picked it up...and loving the re-issue decks, wheels, etc...keep it up! Would love to see the '86-'87 era decks re-issued, especially the Cab full Dragon, and the Mountain Future Primitive...I'm having a blast! Thanks for bringing back my youth and some good memories Powell-Peralta!

— Nick Garcia

Just as you were the greatest of skateboard company, Haro was the greatest of bikes. My first board was a Tony Hawk with Tracker trucks and Bullet 95 A's. Even though we had boards better than each other, one thing remained, it was all about skating without finding out who was the best. That was the fun. Someone did a long wheelie, or the highest ollie, who cared. It was all about the fun and trying to better ones-self while trying to better others that they rode with, right? Ok, so I am from the between plastic and seven-ply days; was it Bo- Nite? However you spell it, that is when I tore up the streets on my Hawk Skull board with cheap rails and no tail or nose guards. Man, it was a riot to skate in those days on the streets of San Jose during my first years of middle school in 86' or 87'. I would ride to school from south S.J. to Willow Glen and beyond to my friends house everyday, hitting all those cool places to ride around his house and mine, as well as in between. As old- school riders, we did not try crazy stuff such a McTwist or any ramp tricks; mostly street stuff like wheelies, grinds, and rail- slides. Not to brag, but I did pull off a wheelie across the gas station one day across from Willow- Glen Bike Shop. That was the best I had ever been, but that is all we strove to be. Like you, I started from the begining, learning things that would seem so primative to kids these days. Our heros were Tony Hawk, Cab, Mullen. The companies on top were Powell- Peralta and Santa Cruz. God, if only those days were here again so that me and my greatest friend could skate all over the city again. How much fun we had. Well, I must close now. If Stacy could send a reply to my e-mail, I would be grateful. By the way, how is Tony, and Jay doing? I would like to do some sort of article on you and those guys sometime if possible. Thank you for this time, and I hope this gets to you Stacy. 1976, hey that's when I was born.

— Patrick Justice

I second that comment by Johannes! Please bring back the Per Welinder deck (streetstyle). I had one of those with the 'bonite' layers. I was one with that board - it was perfection ...perfection.

— Nick

I recently purchased the re-issue of Mike V's board just to hang on my wall as i am now too fat and old to skate. Just holding the deck brought memories flooding back, thank you Powell for letting me relive my mislead youth!!!!

— Ian

Why did Animal Chin cross bone the road? Because he was with chicken butt.

— Kelly

Powell was and still is the skateboard co. Thanks for all the good movies you guys did my favorite BAN THIS.

— Jesse Laval

I just got the reissued Mike Vallely elephant deck and it has such a good feel! I am planning on buying another to hang on my wall because the graphic is sooo sick! Thanks for making such tight boards.

— Ian Campbell

The 29x10 caballero dragon was the best board I ever owned. I look foward to being able to buy another one, even though my old knees wont allow me to wear this one down like I did the last. I'd really like to see the Beamers and PPP's re-issued as well.

— Jim G

Hey guys, I'm an avid freestyle and vert skateboarder from the middle of nowhere Colorado and I am so excited that you are re-issuing some of the older and more legendary shapes, graphics, and wheels. Also, the videos being remastered and the addition of original T-shirts make it all worthwhile. It is just so great that you are bringing back some artifacts from one of the early "evolution periods". Though, I'm still hoping to see the Lance Mountain Future Primitive deck, the Tony Hawk Skull, the newer Steve Caballero Dragon, the Per Welinder Nordic Skull, and any Rodney Mullen shapes. However, I am extremly satisfied and grateful (my friends as well!) for all that you have done. Thanks for coming back STRONG!

— Brandon

Just came found out about the the re-issue of the Vallely board. This was one of my favorite boards when it 1st came out. I will definetly being make 2 purchases of this board. One to skate and the other to hang up. I'm 30 years old and have only been a Powell (Powell Peralta ) skater. I have had to re-buy all the Bones Brigade Videos ( 1-5) because they were worn out form all the times of watching, rewinding and pausing. Just wanted to say thanks for the great flashbacks.

— Mke Myers

Fantastic! to bring back the best classic graphics of sk8ting ever! I was rippin' for 2 decades now I want to get back to it with some of my favorite decks of all time. I missed it so much had to get some of the classic graphics tatooed 4 life! Hell, I even still got my old Bones Brigade member card. Are the sill valid? LOL!!!

— John C.

Used to skate winchester skate park in Campbell,ca in the 80's....with a britelight ray bones rodriquez snub nose. Dam i miss that deck! that board ripped!!!bought that sucker at mobeydick bikeshop in santa clara,ca for 50.00 now worth 8, powell peralta please re-issue that deck in (green 1978) please...skate or die!

— albert “skate punk” alvarez

Man, seeing this site is a blast! Back in the 80s I had many PP decks including Lance Mountain skeleton surfers, McGill, Cab, Vallely, and skeleton playing chess (freestyle) - I still have a surviving Bones t-shirt that I have framed and it still has dirt on it from when I was 16! I've been after this old classic re-issue stuff for years.. Great stuff..there is definitely a big market for this.

— Dan Baldwin

After not skating for nearly ten years i moved to an a appartment in a side street in my city. Hearing wheels on pavement as a kid rolled by every school day started messing with my head. i went to the local skate shop to buy a set up and was really suprised to see a cab chinese dragon on the wall. i was grinding again that afternoon. going arse up and getting gravel rash has never felt so good. thankyou

— paul

I have been skating since the age of 4 (On my 4th Birthday circa 1980). I am going to be 30 on 11 Sept '06 so as you can see I lived the bones brigade generation. 26 years on board with the inspiration from my childhood given to me by Powell Peralta.....I got my first sponsor at 11 and released my final pro model board 18 months ago on a label called Viking Wood. Thanx for all the memories and endless stoke... Powell Peralta 4 Ever.

— Donovan Winterburn

The resurrection of Powell-Peralta as it was in the 80s is some of the best news I've heard in a long time. I think it's great for skateboarding...the newer generation, the older generation and all in between. Personally, I never had the opportunity to ride the original decks in the 80s, since I wasn't born yet. I grew up riding popsicle shaped boards, which I still love. However, I have always had an appreciation and fascination with 70s and 80s skateboard culture. These reissues have allowed me the chance to ride these decks which were before my time. Now I can do more than just read about the old school and Powell-Peralta, I can actually experience it in a way. Thank you guys.

— Peter “Pistol”

hi to everyone. when i'm started to skating i was 14 years old.. now i'm 30... i'm ever loved this my time,was all bit hard (especially in italy).find place and skating untill someone call the police, and anyway was ever fun... or for example,when someone of us goes in the city (milano)and turne back with some video,and we meet in the house and we looked that for day and day for learn some new trick to do... but at the end we are street sk8er.. we searched the perfect spot,sometimes we founded,and when happened so, we stay for mounth, and over at all we goes there in skate, and during the journey, i never forget the look of th people that hate us, but at the end was f#**king amazing.. this was the feeling in italy when we started to skating. i hope that everyone of you dont loose this magic feeling.. ciaoooo and sk8 or die.

— alessio bollate

Any Powell-Peralta board or wheels (or both on the same set-up) are extremely exciting to ride. They truly are the best...

— Tao Antrim

Dude, Not sure you even give a shit, but check it. I am 33, divorced, barely makin it, etc.. For the past few years I have been skating blanks, and mini logos cause I dont have the cash to throw down on a "pro" board. Shit sometimes I gotta go a week without skating to save the cash for a blank. The mini's are only 20 buck with grip, at the local shop. They are all 7.5 but its what I can afford. Anyway. I had been setting aside a few dollars, here and there, to get me one of your boards that I acutally like, and support a company I like. So I did, and it really did skate better(prob in my mind). It did last a bit longer which was cool. I can only get one about every four or five blanks, cause it takes that long to save up. I mean damn dude, it might not sound like a lot, but 50 bones is a ton. I got child support and bills, and all that good stuff. Kinda random I know, but the point of this email is to let you know, I am trying to support anyway I can. Good job on making great boards, keep up the good work. I have been skateboarding almost a quarter century and never contacted a single company. But I had to hit you up and let you know I dig your shit. Skate & Destroy,

— mikey “gus” seibert

Items 261-280 of 427

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