Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Skateboard Wheels 72mm 75A 4pk purple

Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Skateboard Wheels 72mm 75A 4pk purple

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Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Skateboard Wheels 72mm 75A 4pk purple

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BrandPowell Peralta
Wheel CoreYes
Wheel Diameter72mm
Wheel Width57.5mm
Wheel Contact Width57.5mm
Wheel Hardness75a
Wheel FormulaSoft Slide
Wheel ColorPurple
Wheel Suggested UseDownhill/Freeride
Wheel SurfaceSmooth

The 72mm Kevin Reimer feature SSF, which is the same formula as Snakes, but poured in this solidly built freeride friendly square lip wheel.

This version will be easier to slide, more durable, but offer the same reliable smooth slide and grip everyone loves out of the 72mm shape.

If you want a wheel that is grippier than Byron's, but less grippy than the 72mm Green Kevin Reimer wheel, this is the one! Sure to be a fast freeride favorite. 


Customer Reviews

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The only wheels I skate. Review by Matthew
I’ve been skating these wheels consistently for 2 years. And I can safely say that these are my favourite wheels. They have a great roll speed a predictable slides and slow wear. Best feeling wheel I’ve tried. The best thing about them is that the slow wear and predictable slide/ grip characteristics mean that you don’t need to spend too much time swapping or adjusting your wheels. You can just spend time progressing your skills skating new roads. (Posted on 3/8/2022)
These are Sick Review by Dustin
I couldn’t be happier with these. Smooth sailing! (Posted on 2/7/2022)
Top of the line Review by Massimiliano
Best free ride and light downhill wheel ive used for my style of riding. They break free slightly faster than the green kreims and feel almost exactly like the snakes while being bigger and faster rolling. Great for the steep hills of Los angeles where cars appear out of no where. These are my new favorite all around wheel for fast cruising, quick speed checks, and bigger faster downhill slides. My favorite Powell wheel so far. Thank you! (Posted on 1/29/2022)
Need Review by Andrew
I tried my buddy's longboard with these wheels on it and i am hooked...like others have mentioned, faster than what a 75a wheel SHOULD be. Can't wait until they get back in stock here on Skate1 (Posted on 8/30/2021)
Purple SSF Review by Lou Santos
The purple SSF formula is great for skating all types of pavement, it preforms excellent as a downhill wheel when brand new , and is a great freeride wheel when broken in ! Great wheels for beginners who wanna move from round lipped wheels. (Posted on 8/15/2021)
Great wheel! Review by Lazer
So far they are amazing! Really smooth ride and my board just goes for days and days it seems like on the se wheels. I’ve never skated wheels like these before, always harder smaller ones but in my old age was looking for something to cruise and now I have the perfect ultimate cruiser with these wheels switched out. I’m living it. (Posted on 12/5/2020)
Quality wheels Review by Sean
In comparison to dozens of wheels I’ve tried over the years, these feel like they have passed a barrier that others have not been able to reach in terms of urethane performance.

Usually you sacrifice some amount of speed for a softer riding wheel, but that is not the case with these. Fast hills are few and far between in south FL so roll speed is important for a fun ride, and these can hang all day with some of the best known slalom wheels out there. But besides having the speed of an 81a-83a duro wheel, they soak up road vibration extremely well and coast smoothly like a much larger wheel, without the added weight and “clunky” feeling that you get with larger diameters.

I have not had a chance to get any serious slides in with these yet, but considering it is what they’re designed for, I have no doubt they will be awesome for freeride.

But so far, I’m thoroughly impressed. Powell Peralta set the bar high with these (Posted on 11/18/2020)
Best fast freeride wheel in the game Review by Jared Lettow
My name is Jared Lettow and I am an active downhill skater based in Santa Barbara. If you're looking for a wheel that is fast, durable, able to grip corners well, and maintain a consistent, smooth slide, then look no further than the 72mm Kevin Reimer SSF formula wheel. I've been skating this set of wheels religiously since their release, and they have worked very well on a variety of different pavement types and steepness. They slide almost as perfect as snakes, but they have a square lip that allows for maximum grip around tight corners when needed. You will never ice out or high side with these premium wheels. If you're looking to take your free ride game to the top level, this is the wheel for you! (Posted on 7/13/2020)
Slippery fun Review by Bart
These wheels are super fun to skate on.

The skin is quite grippy and it takes a few slides to get through, but once you're there, oh man, they're slippery good fun.

The feedback from the wheel feels really good, it's easy to initiate, and hold long slides on. Don't skate them too slow or they'll honk a lot depending on the pavement ofcourse.

They're literally big snakes. Super fun. Gave me a lot of confidence because they're so consistent, really stepped up my toeside standup game on these. Once you're used to them you'll find you're not as prone to highsiding or icing out.

Love every moment skating these. (Posted on 4/8/2020)

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