Powell Peralta G-Slides Skateboard Wheels 56mm 85A 4pk Black

Powell Peralta G-Slides Skateboard Wheels 56mm 85A 4pk Black

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Powell Peralta G-Slides Skateboard Wheels 56mm 85A 4pk Black

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BrandPowell Peralta
Wheel CoreYes
Wheel Diameter56mm
Wheel Width38mm
Wheel Hardness85a
Wheel FormulaSoft Slide
Wheel ColorBlack
Wheel Suggested UseFreeride
Wheel SurfaceSmooth

Our new Soft Slide Formula (SSF) will be formulated in multiple hardnesses, is faster rolling, and will outlast anything currently on the market by many times. Super fast, incredibly durable, and they slide. SSF is a new paradigm, opening up even more of our concrete and asphalt cityscapes, roads, and hills to skating.

Our new G-Slides were built from the ground up to improve roll speed, slide-ability and durability. They have a low profile and feel at home on any type of deck set-up. Push, slap, grind, bomb and slide the hell out of them. Yes, they slide.


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There is NOTHING else for me out there that compares I'm not joking if you stop making these wheels I will stop skateboarding lol but to make this a bit of a useful review as well it's the only wheel that fits a deck I can kickflip without too much wheelbite all the time that's comfortably soft for rough pavement and still slide like a quality longboard wheel going downhill (Posted on 7/25/2022)
Awesome wheels Review by Mike
These wheels are really good for skating everything it's nice to have a skateboard that rides smooth like a longboard I have ace af1 trucks without riser pads and wheel bite has not been a issue they might not be for everyone but if you're 47 years old and addicted to skateboarding these wheels will help you to keep rolling till the end but joking aside there good for anyone softer wheels allow you to skate more spots Despite the conditions of the road I highly recommend these wheels (Posted on 6/2/2022)
Ooooooooooooo Review by Julie
Amazing wheels I love Cruzeing and I bought thm at a skate shop and love them
(Posted on 5/15/2022)
Great wheels Review by Mark
First set of wheels I bought in a very long time, and I could not be happier. They have exactly to look and feel I wanted. (Posted on 12/13/2019)
G-slide fun! Review by Patrick A.
I was not certain about the wheels at first but am rock solid sold on these now. So fun to slide around on wood floors or pavement. Going to order another set in white this time. Triple P loyal! (Posted on 3/23/2019)
Very nice wheels Review by Joseph
So I just got back into skateboarding. I skated some in middle school but never had the money to keep my deck in good condition and back then I got my board at like Walgreens or Mervyns ha! So fast forward and I built a cruiser with some Bones wheels which are awesome but not the best for learning the basics again. I was getting a lot of wheel bite when carving and took a hard roll that injured my shoulder. So I saw the G-Slides which were an in between the softer cruiser wheels and the hard trick wheels. They are a bit harder than my bones and not as wide. No more wheel bite, so far and they feel awesome on the pavement. I nailed it with these wheels. Great product! Skate on! (Posted on 11/28/2017)

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