Powell Peralta Flight® Skateboard Deck - Shape 192 - 9.265 x 32

Powell Peralta Flight® Skateboard Deck - Shape 192 - 9.265 x 32

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Powell Peralta Flight® Skateboard Deck - Shape 192 - 9.265 x 32



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BrandPowell Peralta
Deck Shape192
Deck ConcaveK15
Deck Wheelbase14.75"
Deck Length32"
Deck Width9.265"
Deck Nose6.56"
Deck Tail6.56"

Flight Deck Shape 192

Built in a new production area in our Santa Barbara, California facility, Powell-Peralta FLIGHT™ decks are stronger and thinner than an average 7-ply. You'll get the feel of it in an hour or two and begin to realize you can do things riding a Flight deck that cannot be done on a 7-ply. Flight decks allow you to extend your limits, because they let you ollie higher, flip faster, do tricks more easily, while lasting considerably longer than most maple 7-plys. #flightdeckconstruction

FLIGHT™ Decks are:

Thinner - as thin as your phone
Stronger - more than twice as strong in our tail break tests
Longer lasting - The epoxy infused, fiber reinforced structure of the Flight deck is extremely resistant to breaking, and this structure gives them "everlasting pop" that doesn't fade as your deck slowly wears.
Ollies higher because of greater rebound and snap.
Team testing suggests that Flight decks will last several times longer than a 7-ply, making them a great value as well as a superior performing skateboard.

*Remember, skateboards are meant to be ridden, not run over by a car or truck.


Customer Reviews

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Amazing! Review by Jeffrey M Taylor
I’m around 235 pounds and love these decks I’m getting a little older and got back into skateboarding really because of Andy Anderson and the rest of the team and wanted what they swear by it holds my big ass well with give that makes drops easier on me. Thank you for taking skateboarding into the future and making it what it is!! (Posted on 9/13/2020)
Mr Review by DAVID
My first Flight deck, and I am very happy with it. The stiffness is perfect albeit being a larger board. I sorta thought that for its size it would have more flex then a smaller shape, but this is not the case. I also thought it was a straight popsicle shape, but it does have a front and back to it. Light, stiff and poppy is how i would describe it. (Posted on 8/29/2019)
Powell peralta flight deck shape 192 Review by Mark
Great deck, durable, and a nice shape!! Reminds me of the old lance mountain junior shape!! (Posted on 7/1/2019)
Great deck Review by Turtle
Just got into skating after a very long hiatus (20+ years). Bought this deck because I am used to riding shaped decks and I am 260 lbs which makes normal decks feel very flimsy. Love this board. Stiff, great pop and I love the fact that the flight decks are made in America. I know this deck is going to last me a very long time but already know my next deck will be the Andy Anderson 9" flight deck. Great job Powell. (Posted on 6/13/2019)
Love My Flight Deck Review by Alexandre
This is an outstanding deck and probably the best I've ever had (I skate since 1987 - 88). I highly recommend this deck for your own shredding pleasure!!! (Posted on 3/13/2018)
Favorite shape Review by Rob
Love the shape, set it up with 169s and 56mm g-slides and it’s a perfect all around ride. I’m a big guy and get flex from pretty much all decks, but this thing is built like a tank, well a really light tank. (Posted on 1/26/2018)
pretty awesome Review by Jason Nicholson
Decks built for boys who destroy mere toys lol. Seriously > pretty awesome (Posted on 11/27/2017)
Love the flight decks Review by Bill
Love the flight decks, completed with light weight trucks and you have a deck with even more control. I like them so much I have multiple shapes and sizes. (Posted on 11/10/2017)
They're a real game changer for me Review by Tony Massicotte
Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that your flight decks are the sickest. I though they were too good to be true until I ordered one for myself. They're a real game changer for me. I'm super hyped on your new pro models and I look forward to ordering one. I think I'll only be skating flight decks from now on. (Posted on 8/28/2017)
Best yet Review by Ryan Spence
Best deck construction yet. Strong, responsive, hard wearing. Add extra speed and pop to your session. At home on the streets or in bowls and on vert. (Posted on 8/25/2017)

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