Powell Peralta Flight® Salman Agah Lion Skateboard Deck - Shape 245 - 8.75 x 32.95

Powell Peralta Flight® Salman Agah Lion Skateboard Deck - Shape 245 - 8.75 x 32.95

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Powell Peralta Flight® Salman Agah Lion Skateboard Deck - Shape 245 - 8.75 x 32.95




Deck Shape245
Deck ConcaveK21
Deck Wheelbase15"
Deck Length32.95"
Deck Width8.75"
Deck Nose7"
Deck Tail6.75"

About Powell-Peralta Decks:

Powell Peralta® decks are made in the USA at our skateboard manufacturing facility in Santa Barbara, CA. Materials include U.S. hard rock maple, high strength fiberglass, AirLam fused with epoxy resin and are warranted against delamination for their useful life. Our graphics are created in-house using non-solvent based inks and paints to keep our atmosphere cleaner.

About Powell-Peralta Flight™ Decks:

Built in a new production area in our Santa Barbara, California facility, Powell-Peralta Flight™ decks are stronger and thinner than an average 7-ply. You'll get the feel of it in an hour or two and begin to realize you can do things riding a Flight deck that cannot be done on a 7-ply. Flight decks allow you to extend your limits, because they let you ollie higher, flip faster, do tricks more easily, while lasting considerably longer than most maple 7-plys. 

Flight™ Decks are:

• thinner - as thin as your phone

• stronger - more than twice as strong in our tail break tests

• longer lasting - The epoxy infused, fiber reinforced structure of the Flight deck is extremely resistant to breaking, and this structure gives them "everlasting pop" that doesn't fade as your deck slowly wears.

• ollies higher because of greater rebound and snap.

• team testing suggests that Flight decks will last several times longer than a 7-ply, making them a great value as well as a superior performing skateboard.

From Salmon Alga:

"This is not some half baked come back or a come back at all, it’s a homecoming. Im not delusional, today’s youth are tomorrow’s ams, pros & future stars. But I’ll always be an ambassador of urban transcendentalism & skateboarding and am proud to be doing that with @powellperalta Its an honor! Special thanks to my long time friend and mentor @stevecaballero & @peraltastacy for believing in me when I was a boy! You guys changed my life for the better!"

Lion Artwork:

• by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson


Product Videos

  • Flight Deck Construction


Customer Reviews

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Bones Brigade Review by Rob
Cool Board.. WELL MADE!!! Very light. Control is very nice.. (Posted on 3/26/2019)
SWEET Deck Review by Rob
This is a COOL deck thin, light and killer sweet graphics. Perfect deck for the tall folks (Posted on 3/12/2019)
Unbreakable but it chips and the razor tail Review by Evan
This is my second flight deck. I’ve never had a board that I can get more than 2-4 weeks of hard skating out of as I’m a board snapper. My last one lasted about 9 weeks and I finally got a new one since it was starting to chip badly. Still had all the pop of a new board though and forget about focusing it. Not possible.

Now about the chips. These boards chip up. My new Salman Agah deck had a couple chips the first day. Nothing major but still there. The plies Thin and may contribute to this.

The thin plies and thinner gauge overall is going to cause it to razor tail faster than normal. I’ve never had this problem since I usually snap the board before this happens. Sanding down on the concrete solves it.

If I had one wish it would be that Powell used some colored veneers in lieu of undyed. My second wish may be for more exciting graphics but I realize skulls are Powell’s thing. Mr. Agah’s graphic rocks and I’m stoked to see the Soty from 93 on one. These boards are awesome and a true innovation. The cost is justified in how long they last for me. (Posted on 2/27/2019)
Love it Review by Jason Dean
First flight deck. Love it so far. Didn't take any time to adjust to (Posted on 12/25/2018)
Fast shipping to Oz Review by garnet
Placed order and product arrived in Australia within five days. Very impressed. Normally takes longer to get something shipped from the same city. (Posted on 12/24/2018)

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