Powell Peralta Byron Essert Carbon Frog Skateboard Deck - 9.9 x 39.72

Powell Peralta Byron Essert Carbon Frog Skateboard Deck - 9.9 x 39.72

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Powell Peralta Byron Essert Carbon Frog Skateboard Deck - 9.9 x 39.72

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Deck Shape229
Deck ConcaveDK-1
Deck Wheelbase27"
Deck Length39.72"
Deck Width9.9"
Deck Nose1.72"
Deck Tail5.55"

The Byron Essert model has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate all-around downhill and freeride board. Built from Powell-Peraltas proprietary construction, this deck is abnormally light for its size but rigid enough to ride up to 70mph. The deck features a 1/4 inch drop that is located between the truck holes to hold you in place while sliding, drifting, or freeriding. Byron wants a board that can take him from the highest mountain into the deepest pool, with smooth radial concave throughout that makes this board comfortable and appropriate for all venues of riding.


  • Ultra light weight for quicker starts and faster response
  • Extremely stiff in both flex and twist for stability and quick race response
  • Front and Rear Cast, integrated Polyurethane bumpers
  • Drop center for lower center of gravity
  • Front and rear wheel wells for greater wheel clearance
  • Single Kicktail


  • Tri-axial fiberglass and carbon fiber skins
  • High strength epoxy glue
  • Super light, multi-species wooden core
  • Hard, cast polyurethane bumpers
  • Much love and sweat


  • Specifications:
  • Length 39.72"
  • Width 9.9"
  • Thickness .482"
  • Drop Center: 0.25"
  • Deck shape: #229
  • Concave Mold DK-1
  • Wheelbase 26.75" to 28"
  • Nose 1.72"
  • Tail 5.55"
  • Avg. Weight: 3.95 lbs.


Original artwork created for Byron Essert by Jonathan Gonzalez

Release date: 2016


Customer Reviews

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Rigid, lightweight and extremely durable Review by Jason
Seriously my favorite board all time. Absolutely weighs next to nothing and verified the manufacturing description of 3.95lbs myself, weighing in at 3 lbs 13oz! Awesome quality and thinking about picking up another! (Posted on 12/4/2017)
Best longboard and strongest longboard ever! Review by Marlon
Best longboard ever ridden, fast light and durable. The carbon holds strong and is good! Good job Byron Essert and the makers of the board at PP. You're now my second favorite rider of Powell Peralta! Keep the nice decks coming. Love from the Netherlands :D! (Posted on 8/16/2017)
Super light and stiff Review by Sasquatch
This deck is very light and stiff, best in that regard of what I've ridden. The shape is really nice for what I like to do as well, it has deep concave with out the sharp bends, I don't like that, it's more comfortable and controllable for me with the gradual concave. The shape also gives you a nice feel of where your feet are at without looking down and locking you in when you do checks and go sideways. The wheel flares are really mild to non existent and combined with the micro drop it gives you a nice place for your back foots' toes when going back side, no need to look down to check your feet, which boosts my confidence naturally because my eyes are up. Also gives your front foot a really ergonomic locked in feel, also nice for keeping the back foot in place in tuck. Having said that it still gives you lots of room to put your feet where you want, this is nice for pushing and other stuff, you can get pretty techy as well with the kick tail and makes it nice for lower speeds and tighter spaces, helps with obstacles and whatnots, I can't really Ollie on it, but a little pop. It kick flips nicely though, not high for me but maybe you could get it high. My hope is that the carbon will keep it from warping and increase life, but I'll get back to that after some time. Top mount with really nice control and stable feel. My favorite deck for what I like doing to date. I really like the urathane bumpers as well I think they will really help with longevity. Can't say enough good things about this deck, love it. Awesome job by everyone at skate1, Kam is an awesome dude as well. Don't be afraid of asking questions, he'll help you out (Posted on 8/22/2016)

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