Powell Peralta Bomber 3 Skateboard Wheels Black 60mm 85a 4pk

Powell Peralta Bomber 3 Skateboard Wheels Black 60mm 85a 4pk

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Powell Peralta Bomber 3 Skateboard Wheels Black 60mm 85a 4pk

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BrandPowell Peralta
Wheel CoreNone
Wheel Diameter60mm
Wheel Width40mm
Wheel Hardness85a
Wheel FormulaSAA
Wheel ColorBlack
Wheel Suggested UseAll Terrain
Wheel SurfaceSmooth

Timeless shape, super trusted formula. When you are ready to roll smooth and fast.


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Killer Review by Mike
Got these on my OG Ripper, awesome wheels just as great as Rat Bones. Really nothing but great things to say.... (Posted on 3/7/2021)
Daily Rider Review by Tommy
Finally got a brand new set of the black 60mm 85A Bombers when they were back in stock again and they did not disappoint! Here in Venice Beach, CA the damp concrete sidewalks, asphalt streets and sandy boardwalk terrains demand a versatile skateboard wheel for my daily trips. Places that are too far to walk, but not far enough to justify driving a car, makes my skate the perfect transportation solution. While most ride their bicycles to get coffee from the local coffee shop or beer from the convenience store down the street, I prefer to skate. It's kinda sketchy riding my 8.5" Powell 244 outfitted with the super-hard 54mm 84b park formula wheels over the sidewalk cracks, pebbles, and sand in the dark. After all, that's my skate that I ride here at the Venice Beach Skatepark and it's really not built for running little errands. That's why I decided to build my cruiser. A Powell Old School Ripper 10' X 31.75" deck with classic standard Indy's is the perfect match for these 60mm bomber's! Soft enough to roll through sidewalk cracks and pebbles smoothly, yet large and hard enough to allow for a decent amount of speed and grip, these medium-hard / medium sized 85A Bombers are the perfect daily riders for either the experienced seasoned pro or the newbie skateboarder just starting out. Get a set today - you won't regret it! (Posted on 10/29/2020)
Bomb Hills with Bombers Review by Dylan
I bought some soft 73a durometer wheels for bombing hills a while ago. I really wanted to get wheels that I could do a street trick into a hill bomb like them gx1000 dudes do in San Francisco. Treflipped, caught it primo, and a third of my soft wheel flew off. This was after about a week of riding. I'm in West Virginia and the freeze thaw cycle is hard on the asphalt. These bombers are hard enough to withstand doing street tricks, yet soft enough to go over large cracks and small rocks. I've been treflippin into hill bombs all day after purchasing these. (Posted on 4/18/2019)
Crazy smooth ride Review by Jim
Here in the Ohio Valley with our pothole and gravel covered roads and cracked sidewalks, they provide a crazy smooth ride. Last I checked, still made in the USA like a lot of Powell products. I do wish they clearly listed where products are made. Maybe most people don’t care anymore but I do and I’m so much more likely to purchase something if it has a MADE IN USA listed or stamped on it. (Posted on 11/22/2018)
Flaky Image Review by Philip
I bought the 64mm green bombers that I'm not finding anymore. Given they're the same brand and image, this review should still hold. I found that within the first two months the paint on the side of the wheels started flaking off, so if the image alone is what you're getting these for, look elsewhere. Regarding what probably really matters, performance, the 64s ride smoothly over the cracks and bumps that my 52s got stuck on, and they're durable riding over the rough asphalt that would hurt feet. This durability sacrifices some smoothness, as the durometer is 85. (Posted on 5/8/2017)

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