March 16th, we depart from Springfield, MO in route to Nashville, TN! Most of the guys slept during the long drive in the morning. Around noon we stopped at a gas station in Butler, MO to fill up the van, grab some road snacks, and stretch out our legs. We spotted some old-rusty cars around the corner and walked on over to check them out. We took some photos, peeked inside the cars, and ate our snacks. We spotted bullet holes in the window of one of the cars, not sure what that was all about... After a few more photos and bit more lurking we decided it was time to get back on the road. As we were about to pull out of the gas station a man walked passed the van and waved his hand at us, or you could say that he flashed a racial sign. Either way, we were happy to be back on the road towards Nashville.
Nolan supplied the music for most of the ride. He decided to add some excitement to the ride and blasted "Party in the USA" for all the guys enjoyment. We passed through the historic town of Cairo, crossed the Mississippi River, got lost trying to find a restaurant, then found a Backwoods BBQ in Paducah, Kentucky around 3pm. We finished eating and got back on the road. 3 more hours of driving and we made it to our hotel in Whites Creek, Kentucky!

March 17th, time for breakfast! Terry looked up breakfast spots in Nashville and Yelp suggested a cafe, downtown. One of the waiters was recklessly walking with a tray full of food toward Deville, who was reading the menu. They collided and the waiter dropped all the food on the floor. You could say he was angry, actually you could say he was furious. It looked like he was about to punch Deville right in the face! He calmed down and walked back to the kitchen. Deville came back to us in shock. The rest of our time at the cafe went well. Once we were done, we decided to visit Franklin Skateshop. Donny, the manager over there is awesome. He gave us a tour around the shop and showed us his collection of skateboards. We took a group photo outside the shop then said our goodbyes.

We made it back to the hotel and had 2 hours of spare time before it was time to go to Six Avenue. Charlie, Mighty, Micaiah, and Jarren thought it would be fun to walk around in the creek across the street from our hotel. The ground was super slippery and the water was colder than an ice bath causing the guys to laugh and cringe at the same time. Charlie spotted a crab under the rocks and caught it then set it free after showing it to everybody. Roman came running over and decided to join in on the fun and tip toed his way into the water. The guys made a decision to head back upstream in an attempt to catch a fish. Charlie being the wild man that he is, spotted his prey, stalked it to shallower water then BAM, caught that little homie! Deville honked the van horn, meaning that it was time to go to Six Avenue. Just before Charlie and Jarren crossed the street to the van, a car approached them and asked what they were doing in there. Charlie told him that they were adventuring through the creek and the guy said something like "Through the creek? Man, I wouldn't do that. That's a sewer!"... Luckily nobody lost their toes or got infections!

The van pulled up to the Six Avenue parking lot at 2:45pm. The day before, we posted an image on our Instagram saying that the first person to hug Charlie Blair would win a new skateboard. When we got out of the van, there were kids waiting to see Charlie. After a couple minutes of uncertainty one guy went for it and hugged Charlie. Free board for you sir, now it's time to skate! Most of the guys started the session out on the mini ramp. It felt pretty slippery, but it was easy to get used to. Everyone was charging, including the locals. Grinds and slides on the coping, airs frontside and backside, stalls and foot plants on the wall, and anything else you could imagine! After the guys got their mini ramp fix in, they turned their attention to the rest of the skatepark. Corey, Lance and Brendon were getting technical on the bump to rail and a triangle kicker. Brendon gathered all the speed possible and ollied up the double set! There was so much shredding going on! I'm looking forward to seeing the footage that Terry captured.

After plenty of shreddage, it was time to eat pizza, drink soda, and hangout some more with the locals. Charlie started a small pizza fight. Actually, it was pretty much just Charlie throwing pizza at the guys haha. Once everybody got their share of pizza it was time to pass out product, see who could do the highest wall ride, and play hide and go seek with a board.

Once we were out of product to giveaway, the guys jumped back on their boards and kicked it to maximum overdrive. There was nonstop shredding everywhere you looked. Corey, Lance, and Brendon destroyed the rails, set, and euro gap. Near the end of the session Roman slammed into the fire hydrant and really caused some damage on his leg. As the session came to an end, we said thank you and goodbye to all of the locals. Once again, thank you for the good times Six Avenue!

We ended the night with a little mexican dinner. Roman said that he hadn't ever had mexican food so he decided to order a burger. The burger was good and so was the rest of the food. And that wraps up our time in Nashville!