An awesome web edit was put together of Jordan Hoffart, Josh Hawkins, Steven Reeves, Brad McClain, and Nolan Munroe. It gives you an idea of what the team was up to during their stay in Europe. Photography by Deville

josh big ollie
I wonder what this gap looks like in person. Josh Hawkins with a big ollie.

jordan hoffart
Any guesses on what Jordan is looking at in this photo?

steven reeves zombies
Steven Reeves, almost a victim of a Zombie attack.

josh fs hurricane
Josh with a mighty fine hurricane.

josh nolan brad steven
Don't really know what to say about this photo except for, the boys are back in town. Glad you guys had a fun time.

euroad trip
Make sure you check out issue #110 of The Skateboard Mag to learn more about the trip. Words by Jordan Hoffart and Steven Reeves, photos taken by Deville.