Jordan Hoffart narrates the first part of the Powell-Peralta Europe Tour. Here's the link:

jordan hoffart denmark Jordan Hoffart in Denmark.

josh ollie 2 After multiple false starts, I (Jordan Hoffart) finally got my shit together (with the follow cam bike) as Josh Hawkins landed this ollie for the 10th consecutive time. Copenhagen, Denmark.

josh and steven caddy Josh Hawkins and Steven Reeves and their bike caddy.

jordan noseslide to 50 Jordan Hoffart. Nose Slide to Switch 5 in Denmark.

tuborg tattoo Tuborg tattoo. Jordan Hoffart.

jordan hoffart ollie Jordan Hoffart. Fat ollie in Denmark.

josh danish bar Josh Hawkins in a Danish bar.

brad stalefish This quarter pipe was the largest thing at this park by 6 feet, a chill park with the optional buck exhibit. It was so hard to get speed for this thing, note the roller. Brad coming in hot, off a slappy grind, big ass stale fish. Sibbarp. Malmö, Sweden

josh fs wallride Josh Hawkins. Wallride at Steppenside. Malmö, Sweden.

steven malmo Steven Reeves. Harbor side. Malmö, Sweden

opener (to be continued)...