Cab had quite the busy weekend. Going to a showing for Bones Brigade: An Autobiography in San Jose, participating in an art show at Bela La Vie Boutique, and skating in the Tim Brauch Memorial Contest XIV. All of this within three days.

Thursday, showing for Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

outside for the premiere
A look at what was going on outside of the premiere.

inside for premiere
Since we showed the outside, we might as well show what was going on inside...

so many decks
How many decks do you think were in the tour bus?

Friday, group art show at Bela La Vie in Campbell, CA.

bela la vie
Some of the amazing art that was shown during the show.

cab with old board
Steve was stoked to see this deck show up at the Love and Guts art show.

Saturday, Tim Brauch Memorial Contest XIV

cab bs air
Cab bs air, photo by MRZ.

cab first place
All the slams and hard work preparing for the contest paid off.

cab on podium
Everybody having a good time on the podium.

For more information about the Tim Brauch Memorial Contest, check out Ozzie's post.