As always, the guys have been hard at work. Some of the team just finished up their Europe trip, which looked like they had an amazing time. Also, they have been getting some awesome magazine coverage. Check it out!

Skateboarder's Journal

kilian sb journal
Kilian with a "What I Ride" interview.

reeves sb journal
This San Francisco spot was calling for Steven to come shred it. And that, he did.


mcclain thrasher
Brad owning it.

The Skateboard Mag

mcclain tsm
Good ol' FS Crailslide.

cab tsm
Cab and Vans have been celebrating the Half Cab's 20th anniversary all year by releasing a new Half Cab every month.

hoffart tsm
Try picturing yourself at this spot. Then imagine not only ollieing the gap, but also going over the first block than down the rest of the stairs. BEASTMODE!

hawkins tsm
Josh Hawkins and John Motta coming through with some serious doubles action.