iPhone cases We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. The winners for the iPhone Cases have been chosen. E. Dellafave will be receiving The Ripper case, E. Emard will be getting the Rodriguez "Skull and Sword" case, T. Keen will be getting the Caballero Dragon case, and D. McCuiston will be receiving the McGill "Skull and Snake" case. Thank you to everyone that participated in this FUN sweepstakes. The stories we received were all a great read. Here are the four stories we chose: E. Dellafave- "My first memory of skating is kind of bland, so I will show you my best memory… Several years back, my three and a half year old, skating across the Lee and Joe Jamail skate park in Houston, TX. He is almost 7 now and we return to the same park about 3 times a week. I have attached the picture from several years back. You can see the smile on his face. Every day, I am fortunate to be able to pick Eian up from school (1st grade), and he looks up at me and says, “Skate park today daddy?”, So my first memory of skating is completely over casted by the enjoyment of skating with my son all the time." e dellafave E. Emard- "I believe it was 1983, maybe '84..I got my first skateboard for Christmas, I was 11 yrs old. It was a white and black Sword and Skull. My mom had to make installments on it to pay for it by Christmas..I use to go into the local skate shop everyday and just look at it. I was so in love with the design, I remember my friends had the old school Ripper and one had the Steve Caballero..No one in my neighborhood had the Sword and Skull, and I thought it was the coolest of all the graphics. I remember that Christmas day like it was yesterday. I was in the parking lot all day with that thing. I remember using allowance money to take it in and customize it with different colored truck guards, wheels, side rails and nose guard. That skateboard and I were inseparable. I was no where near the most graceful at doing tricks, I was tall and lanky..I was too scared to get on half pipes, but I did love the quarter pipe and got pretty good at it..I have so many great memories on that board, I even knocked out my two front teeth on that thing taking a spill on the quarter pipe. When I was 18, I gave it to a kid whose mom couldn't afford a good board..I't felt good handing it down, I hope he got as much out of that board as I did. Sometimes, I kinda wish I would have held onto it..I can only imagine where that thing is now..I hope somewhere restored, that would be sweet..I would be so stoked to get my hands on one of those blue Sword and Skull iPhone cases.....Long live the Powell-Peralta Sword and skull, it's great to see the new boards..Makes me wanna ride again at 39 yrs of age.." T. Keen- "Well my 1st memory that will last a long time is when I finally made inverts and backside airs on the very ramp. Scared the crap out of me everyday till I ask god for guidance and strength and dropped in and nailed the 2nd try... Was so stoked. Plus it helped that day by seeing the Bones Brigade tour of 86' when they came to the closest town to where I lived growing up. Watching Cab rip was so awesome. I actually just started skating again after being away from it for 20 yrs. what board did I get, yep an old school Cab dragon. Can't skate those Popsicle boards, to thin. So to win the cab phone cover would just be the icing on my cake.. Thank you...." D. McCuiston- "I was new to school in the 6th grade. I didn't know anyone. I somehow ended up with a big group of kids in the gym at the end of a day. A couple of guys had skateboards there. They were taking turns power sliding on that super slick floor. One of the boards got loose and ran into my foot. Everyone just looked at me. Geoffrey, the guy whose board who hit me, raised his eyebrows and smiled. I had kicked around a little on my brother's psycho stick, enough to get my balance and that was about it. I got ready to kick the board back to him, then something came over me. I kicked twice on that future primitive Lance Mountain then tried my first ever power slide. That sweet sound of polyurethane squealing across the floor filled the gym. I was power sliding. The my inertia caught up with me and I went flying face first into the the gym floor. Then I heard the strangest sound. The other kids were cheering. Geoffrey came over and helped me up. That day I took a chance, I took a spill, I made friends and started my life long love affair with skating. Geoffrey and I were both in each other's weddings and still skate together when we can - 25 years later."