CABMAZING 1ST PLACE Steve Caballero, 1st place CAB injured shoulder CAB w/xray Six weeks ago CAB suffered a broken left shoulder, breaking it in two places. This past Saturday, CAB was able to skate again and claimed first place at the Pro Tec Pool Party. George and Stacy at Pro Tec George and Stacy enjoying the contest CAB wrote, "Having Stacy and George there watching us, made the biggest difference in the world :) The Bones Brigade swept the podium... Hawk 2nd, Lance 3rd, McGill in 4th. How rad is that?" Pro Tec Pool Party 2012 Highlights A few of CAB's current teammates, Nolan Munroe 5th, Brad McClain 14th and (flow) Austin Poynter 9th, competed in the Pro division and skated well enough to get in the money. CABmazing. Tony CAB Lance CAB, 2012 Pro Tec Pool Party