Day 5, was the last day of our fun Arizona trip. We started the day out by going to Cafe a La Cafe Catering. Some of the most mouth watering food we have ever eaten. We than headed to Starr Skates for a "FUN" hangout. The day ended with a session at Santa Rita skatepark. cafe a la cart Cafe a La Cart basically feels like you're inside a house while you're there. The layout of the restaurant is amazing. starr skates Starr Skates starr 9 Angela at Starr Skates is amazing. She had the FUN video playing on all tv's, Powell-Peralta banners up, and to top it off; she ordered us pizza! Thanks Angela. technology Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Emails, watching FUN... Whatever it is, technology gets the best of us. aldrin deck ollie Aldrin was asked to ollie some skateboards. product toss Product toss in the bowl! Somebody jumped over the fence to grab some wandering wheels. end of AZ trip The trip came to and end after our session at the skatepark. We said our goodbye's and jumped back into the van. Thanks for everything Arizona, can't wait to visit again!