We visited a good amount of shops on day 4. Started at the Paradise Valley mall in Phoenix, than went through Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert and Mesa. industrial paradise valley First stop, Industrial in Paradise Valley! vans paradise valley Vans, we had to wait for a bit to take this picture. Thanks for being patient guys. zumiez paradise valley There is also a Zumiez in Paradise Valley. Check it out if you're around there. steven halo Steven stood still as this machine scanned him, sort of like the Master Chief at the beginning of Halo. The machine suggested what stores he should shop at. zumiez chandler Went to another Zumiez, this one is in Chandler. industrial chandler Another Industrial as well. Check out Aldrin's sweet face. vans chandler Huddled up at the Vans in Chandler. hawk original Tony Hawk Deck, one of many Powell-Peralta originals at Sidewalk Surfer. sidewalk surfer Sidewalk Surfer basically has everything a skater can think of. It's in Scottsdale, AZ. james cowtown tempe Went to the Cowtown in Tempe. James found this Animal Chin VHS that is signed by Lance Mountain in the back of the shop. Lots of cool stuff to see at this shop. cowtown tempe Everybody came outside for the picture at Cowtown. freestone skatepark Freestone Skatepark was a fun stop. A local skater busted a nollie double heelflip on a pyramid with the Mini Ripper to win the board. GAP autograph George talked with Charlie and Jason while the team skated the park. Charlie was able to get George's autograph. freedom boardshop Made a quick stop at Freedom Boardshop in Mesa. utility tempe Last stop of the day was Utility. Watched some skate videos on a cozy couch here.