Started the day by hitting up the Union Hills skate park and visiting one of the Cowtown shops. shane boneless Shane with a frontside boneless. reeves funny Check out Steven scoring some bgp's! cowtown Saying what's up to the homies at Cowtown. reeves stalefish Steven launching a stalefish at the skate park in Peoria. kids Aldrin, Josh, Steven, and Shane with all the kids at the skate park. Powell-Peralta shirts George giving some words of wisdom to the team before seshing the El Mirage park. hawkins noseblunt Josh busting a bs noseblunt josh george aldrin Josh and Aldrin kicking it with Mr. George Powell aldrin funny The guys came up with the idea that pushups are very helpful if you're trying to get a trick. Here's Aldrin showing how it's done. footy check Aldrin's pushups worked. Checking out Steven Reeves' line at the X-Courts park in Glendale. night time Stopped by the Desert West Skate Plaza to end the day.