Jordan Hoffart managed to get an interview and a THEEVE Trucks ad into the newest Concrete Mag. Learn some interesting things about Jordan in this interview. I highly suggest checking it out. Jordan Hoffart: Home Sweet Home cover Jordan has been working on his baby, a recently foreclosed home in Vista, California. work work work He's not the only mastermind behind this project. Josh Hawkins has been helping Jordan renovate the house in exchange for a spot for him to live in too. concrete mag page 2 The Hoffart's do perpetuate one nasty Canadian stereotype: niceness. "No one in his family ever really talks about themselves unless you ask them. They are so interested in what's going on in your life." concrete mag page 3 One of the latest items in VCJ's legendary Powell-Peralta portfolio is an original board graphic for Mr. Hoffart. concrete mag page 4 "Hoffart and Hawkins are working on their own 'internet part' with the house playing a starring role." concrete mag page 5 Jordan Hoffart THEEVE ad. hoffart theeve ad