Our first day at Sundance started with Stacy sitting down with Ice-T and Glen Friedman talking about filmmaking. ice t, stacy, glen friedman Ice-T, Stacy and Glen Friedman January 21 greeted us with a bit of snow, and we busted out the snow chains. snow van That evening the first premiere was held at the MARC and was a great success. stacy, lance, mike, rodney, tommy, cab sundance Stacy, Lance, Mike, Rodney, Tommy, Cab prior to the premiere The morning of the second showing was blue and clear. snow house The film was shown at the Temple Theater in the afternoon. marching to the theater Stacy leads the crew A great turn out as Stacy introduces the film. sean thirsty. sundance stacy peralta The audience was very into the film, and the Q & A session went on for sometime after the film ended.