SF Twin Peaks Twin Peaks, San Fransisco San Francisco and San Jose are fun places to visit and skate. We found a bunch of things to ride while cruising around together. Big Pauly led us to various ledges, gaps and rails. The team spotted a fire hydrant gap and Josh Hawkins burned it into our memory cells with a heel flip. We were in awe. hawkins and borland gap Josh & Shane-Fire Hydrant gap in SF Hawkins heelflip Josh Hawkins - Heelflip The drive continued. Asphalt. Neon. Crowded sidewalks. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped on Twin Peaks in the cold wind above San Francisco and watched as a wave of fog rolled up the hills around us. We ate really well and had hot green tea. Paper lanterns reflected light off of the restaurant windows and tour stories poured forth from everyone. It was awesome. PP team eats Team meal The team hit some gaps that we found during our drives around SF and we eventually made it to an amphitheater after dark. There was a stage gap that we lit up with the generator and lights. It grew foggy. Cold. The trees made the scene all the more brooding and mysterious. Aldrin, Jordan & Micaiah became really busy and hurled themselves into the night. Heelflips, FS flips and 360 flips were landed. When we finally made it back to the hotel, dawn was right around the corner. Aldrin switch bs flip Aldrin-Switch BS Flip hoffart fs heelflip Jordan-Switch FS Heelflip micaiah fs flip Micaiah-FS Flip Our last night was spent at the Pat Duffy rail and we had some very good luck. The police stopped by and simply asked us if we had a permit. I quickly spoke up for the crew and told them we were filming for a video and would be leaving in about thirty minutes. He said - "Okay. Be careful." He then looked at Shane Borland and jokingly said - "This kid's creeping me out!" We all laughed as he drove away. With SFPD blessings, the team finished their assault on Duffy's legacy and we ended the night happy. Hoffart smith grind Jordan-Smith Grind Josh 5050 up Josh-50/50 up Last day: Tim Brauch Memorial Contest. Steve Caballero: Victorious. The team was poolside and EVERYONE knew they were there! Stevie was well-supported and the Powell-Peralta team let it be known that they remember why they started riding skateboards in the first place ... because it is fun. If they lose their grasp of this, they lose the common thread that holds them all together. Tim Brauch overview Tim Brauch Memorial Contest-Overview CAB fs invert CAB-FS Invert En route to victory