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Love your stuff... the quality of the decks is better than anyone else. I'm 34 years old and am so happy you continue to do re-issues. It would be cool to see a Future Primitive deck that's 10" wide and also some 80a RatBones or Mini-Cubics.

— mark

Beemer! Beemer! Beemer! c'mon, bring it back!

— Jonathan

Love to see the classic multi logo shirts come back out....Not to mention the Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullin decks...Im still searching for Animal Chin!

— Rhett “-Sein” Adams, 3rd Branch/ Uplift

I am a huge fan of your company. I got a mirco ripper, put some Pig Super Cruiser wheels on it and I skate it everyday to class. It can be a little sketch since its so short but I love it.

— Alex “Moo” Chambers, student

U guys are the best....thanks for all those thrashin decks...will skate or die

— albert “skate punk”

I bought the Hot Rod Flames deck in January 2011. I love this board. my profile is Deck, Indy 169's, mini logo grip, mini logo bearings, 1.5" hardware, orange rails,
white Bomber wheels 68mm 88a and .5" raisers.
it maybe be a tank to some, but, it's quiet and smooth. just the way i like it.
been riding Powell Products since i was 15y/o and will never stop.
Keep up the good work.

— Trevor “the_NoBsTeR” McNabb

yeah man i want 0ne of these reissue decks its got to be a Tommy Guerrero mini in black or white as soon as its available its gettinin deliverd to 12 marchburn ave prestwick scotland ka9 2ll so i can go to my local concrete skate park and practise my air walks 360 helicopters and malone.


when you think of classic skateboards the first thing that comes to mind is powell peralta over the years i have been collecting powell stuff and been skating since the 80's its great to see a company stick to its roots and produce products that are timeless i would like to see more freestyle decks like the kevin harris one of the best and coolest boards on the market thanks for these reissues keep pressing them and we will keep buying them.

— david

Glad to see VCJ is back... Lovin' the reissues! Hoping to see the Cabellero spoon nose (similar to the Chinese Dragon shape) with the dragon and bats graphic. That is my favorite board. Ever. I ordered what was supposed to be one according to the pic on the site I ordered from but, ended up being the other shape with the divets by the nose. A great board nonetheless. Also, what's up with the Lance Mountain, the Hawk, and the mid-late 80's Mcgill? Keep 'em comin' and I'll keep on buying.

— J-Bone Thunder

Visiting DogTown. Another day in paradise! Smell Skateboarding here. wish fulfilled ♠

— Mauro Deo

Love the boards. Grew up on this stuff! Peace.

— Casey

I think you should add steve steadham and mike mcgill to the team as ledgends and a saiz re-issue would be killer.

— Travis

I love all of Powell Peralta! there boards are thee best out there!

— Matt Vara

My cousin quit skating in 1989 and he left his board in the bunk house until i stumbled upon it it was a Tony Hawk "XT Chicken Skull" but there was no tail so i bought a re issue caballero still looking forward to that Tony Hawk Re-Issue. P.S. Re-Issue a Tommy Guerrero "Flaming Sword"

— Marc

Respirando Skate de la mañana a la noche, no hay nada mejor. Salve oh Gran Stacy!

— Mauro Deo

Id love to see some high resolution desktop wallpapers. 1680x1050 1920x1080. Old school deck graphics would be super!

— K3V1L99

sou do Brasil, tenho 38 anos e recentemente descobri uma maquina do tempo... Pois é poder comprar e ter os maravilhosos decks dos meus sonhos, ja tenho o do steadham e o do mestre Valelly, alem das rodas g-bones, agora vou pegar um Caballero, ai e a felicidade total, um abraco a todos.

— durval junior

I came across a 1978 Skull And Sword Powell Peralta Board at a garage sale, it's a bad a** board, and I was wondering if anyone knows how much that board is worth? The decals look good as new, but the background paint is faded, and the board is a little water damaged, other than that it's in great condition considering it is a 33 year old board. Any ideas on price would be helpful because I wanna know if i should ride it or save it

— Bridges Gijsbers

Need more SP2 decks, especially Skull & Sword and Ripper. Have the K15 available, but we should have an original style concave as an option too.

— Kevin H.

Hi guys! I'm a big fan! The videos changed my life! Then the Bones Demo in Rochester, NY 1988, Lance, Mike V, Saiz! I was hooked! I moved to California and SKATED! I rode so many PP decks, and loved them all. Also got 4th place in the Shop Team Challenge 1989, riding for Galaxy Sports, when the skate park was still outside! It was the coolest thing ever! For years I have been wondering why is there no Bones Brigade Video 5? What happened to 5? Was there a 5? Will there be a 5? Public Domain Video Four, Ban This Video 6. Why is Ban this Video 6 and not 5? I have never heard of any explanation... Is this an unusual question? Please enlighten me, I've been dying to know.

— Mike “Mikey the Wop” Marinaccio, Poor House Skateboards

Items 161-180 of 424

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Note: This page is for testimonials. For any other requests please use our contact form.