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Thanks for re-issuing the Jay Smith board. I used to ride a blue concave at Texas Pipeline Skate park, after it was closed of course! Got mine on order!!

— robert wecker

Awesome to see my childhood skates are back! I would LOVE to see and buy a Mullen chess board freestyle re-issue. Nothing beats the old school!

— Daniel Holguin

What up, just found your web page and it hive me a lot o pleasure to know that powell-peralta it steel around!! the only boards i ride when i was young!! i'm 32 now but still i have a rush when i see a skate board competition on tv. good times...

— Alex R

Make josh hawkins pro!! that 3 flip was one of the craziest things ive ever seen

— jake wittak

You guys rock !!! At age 30, I finally got my dream setup.... Street Cab deck, Indy trucks, Bones bearings and reissued Aussie Cockroach wheels.... I'm in Skate Heaven, Thank you.

— Ash

Your G Bones White are so smooooooooooooth in da pool and ramp. they rok.

— jed emont

Awesome site, brings back fond memories i still have a second edition tony hawk board with independent trucks, rat bones and swiss bearings that i got from ron jons surf shop cocoa beach florida thanks for the memories.

— ben davenport

Would love to see re-pressings of the old Hawk / Mountain boards... so many great memories tied up in those pieces. Please, make it so!

— Christian

Thanks so much for the reissues, I had the Steve Steadham board back in high school 1986. I used to keep it my car at all times until my car got stolen in 1995 and unfortunately they took my board, they could have kept my car, I just wanted my board back. I just bought the reissue of the Steadham, Skull & Sword, Ripper, and the 30th Anniversary. Thanks again,

— Joe Torrance

I am glad to see that skateboarding has made a huge comeback. The art, the sun the fun. What they tried to take away in the late 80's is back! My last deck was the Underhill cross, removed from my feet by a grotesquely obese security guard at the local shopping center. please if you could release the old vert decks, HAWK, UNDERHILL, and yes like the lad in Estonia I would like to see the Welinder reissued also. Thank you for the decades of fun!!!!

— rob

I'm at lost for words. F--- n rad! It has been a long time since I have had anything from my past feel totally rad!!! Way too often memories start off good but end up in more f---n pain that lead too block n it out. By just not being what I dreamed of. Your Powell Classic site pictures, gallery, have open up that gut turning fire that drives us when we were young. When scoring a ride to the skatepark was our only problem. Once there dude nothing could kill your damn trip! Oasis skatepark in Diego under that massive freeway traffic noise. Smell of gas fumes kind of added too it! May be that's why it didn't hurt when id eat turf when my trucks would hang on that key hole pool. Prob. Too damn loaded from all that morning traffic! Kiss play n on the loud p.A. That was the shit! Thanks Powell! For bring n all those rad days back into this 40 yr old mad rat! Cal rage in AZ. Late! P.S. I still think decks should only have one tail and a snub nose.

— Frank Aguilara

My first board was a Steve Caballero 88, and my first good trick was the boneless... Now I'm old but I love skateboarding.

— Geebran Valencia

Wanted to let George Powell know that the bones brigade has always been a great motivator in my skating.. I've been skating from 1988 to 2007 and going strong making skateboarding happen in the NWT, thanks for making great skate products. Thats all!

— Vance “Sanderson”

I would like to say that I have been skating since 1978 and only stoped hardcore skating in the early 90s I still skated but the SK8 scene died and all of my SK8 buddies all grew up got married.I never seemed to grow up as far as loosing my love for this sport I am now SK8ing a 30th anniversity ripper and go Sk8ing with my 8 year daughter who SK8s a miny Hawk.I will never stop SK8ing and will always SK8 Powell products because when it comes to quality thier is just no substitute.In closing I would like to thank Powell for sticking to thier roots of supplying products that allways deliver. Fathfull till the end.

— Mike Lahn

Always stick to what works. Thanx Powell-Peralta!

— Joe Billhouser

PP - Thank you for the priceless childhood memories! At 30 yrs. old, I'm just as mesmerized by the artwork of your late 80s decks as I was when I was a 9 yr. old skate rat. PP and the Bones Brigade turned skateboarding into a lifetime obsession for me. I still remember when my folks gave me the green Rodney Mullen skeleton/chessboard freestyle deck for my birthday... one of the greatest b-day presents I've ever received. It's nice to know that with all of the posers and corporate thugs who have infiltrated skateboarding over the years, you guys still stand for its essence - FUN!! And you can bet that my kids will be riding your reissues.

— Greg

Hi dudes, please make a volume 2 with all the tracks from Ban This and Propaganda!

— Haenna

I'm psyched with the reissues but I wish there would be some Rodney Mullen freestyle reissues. I would kill to have one of his boards. At the moment, however, I'm getting a Kevin Harris freestyle board. I love freestyle.

— Marshall

It's amazing how many people (Especially the kids) are ditching the stair sets to go to an empty lot to do 360's! I'm seeing old school freestyle making a comeback. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get trucks currently with the short width to fit freestyle boards. I love the reissues, though, they're awesome!

— James

Like many others, I'm in my 30s now but still reflect fondly on staying up late watching the BB videos many years ago. Some of my best memories. In life, not many people get to say they did something that affected so many people in a positive way. Thanks for everything.

— OD

Items 201-220 of 419

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