In his words, Aldrin Garcia gives the lowdown on each of his photos in his New Jack, in issue #94 of The Skateboard Mag Aldrin Garcia #94 Just Aldrin Aldrin Garcia aldrin garcia new jack nollie flip Nollie Flip Super psyched on this one. Got it within 5 tries. aldrin garcia gap to front feebs new jack Gap to Frontside Feeble Did not feel like this was possible. Aldrin Garcia #94 Backlip Big Spin out Back Lipslide Big Spin Out Hate getting tricks twice but was definitely stoked on getting the second one. Aldrin Garcia #94 Backside 180 Backside 180 Was originally gonna skate a spot across the street but ran into this gem. Aldrin Garcia #94 Frontside Flip Frontside Flip Was really close to giving up on this one, but pulled myself together and got the trick.