jh plaque Josh Hawkins flew out to Indiana to kick start "Go Skateboarding Day" a couple of days early, read below- hey, here are the photos (below) of the event. jh shirt EVENT SHIRT Last weekend I traveled to Anderson Indiana for the First Annual Benefit Run for The Anderson Kids Skatepark. It was like a whole other world out there to me, I was celeb status for a couple days.The event on Sunday went great. There was the motorcycle show and ride, car show, bands, bike demo, and a one man (me) skateboard demo. ha ha, it was pretty intimidating. But all went well, I did a little contest to give away decks then a product toss after that. The kids were awesome!!! I made a lot of little friends. I also received a thank you plaque from Mayor Kris Ockomon, which was very unexpected. jh young fan YOUNG FAN jh fans FANS The event raised a total of over $5000 that will be put into the the skatepark for everyone to enjoy. I would like to give a big thanks to Billy Lawson getting me out there and his great hospitality. Thanks Billy!! jh truck TRANSFORMER TRUCK Another thanks to Keven Hummel, this event was his big idea. Great job man! Im ready for next year! Oh, and the Transformer truck is what I drove around while I was there. BALLIN! Thanks Anderson, Josh Hawkins